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When the Hampton Bays Historical Society considered the needs of a stewardship plan for its cemeteries, it developed the following guidelines which may serve all ceemeteries in the town.

A Stewardship Template for Southampton Town Cemeteries


Cemetery environment

     Assessment of risks and remediation                                                       

                        Tree encroachment and removal

                        Bank erosion  


                        Lawn maintenance – mowing and upgrades

                        Flower maintenance – bed design

                        Fence – needs and maintenance

                        Lighting & Security


Public Education

      Signage – develop new/establish a maintenance schedule for signage

      Community outreach

                        Engage community in projects

                        Encourage media coverage of stewardship progress                 

       Conduct research to enhance current understanding of cemeteries and gravesites

       Expand existing website to include all aspects of stewardship program                   


Gravestone preservation, conservation and restoration

        Recommend methods and establish guidelines

        Undertake demonstration projects 



            Create a budget committee

            Explore fund raising or grant opportunities