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National Register of Historic Places Application

(the following information was included in the Multiple Property Documentation Form) 

NPS Form 10-900-b       OMB No. 1024-0018   United States Department of the Interior     National Park Service  


A.  Name of Multiple Property Listing

        Historic Cemeteries of the Town of Southampton, 1640-1930

 B.  Associated Historic Contexts

        Settlement and Development of Town of Southampton, 1640-1930

C.  Form Prepared by

         Southampton Town Historian         8 March 2010                             

 D.  Certification

         As the designated authority under the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended, I hereby certify that this documentation form meets the National Register documentation standards and sets forth requirements for the listing of related properties consistent with the National Register criteria.  This submission meets the procedural and professional requirements set forth in 36 CFR part 60 and the secretary of Interior’s Standards and Guidelines for Archeology and Historic Preservation.  

                                                                                                                                Page Numbers

E.    Statement of Historic Contexts: Overview                                                                1-12

            Settlement and Development of Town of Southampton, 1640-1930                              1

            Original Southampton Settlement: Mid-seventeenth Century                                      2-3

            Early Expansion and the Impact on the Native American population                           3-6

            Eighteenth century population growth and settlement patterns                                   6-8

            Settlement patterns of the early to mid-nineteenth century                                        9-10

            Settlement Patterns of the Late-nineteenth through mid-twentieth centuries              10-12

            Summary                                                                                                            12-13

F.     Associated Property Types                                                                                      1-6

            Settlement Burial Grounds, 1640-1800                                                                 1-2

            Individual Burial Sites, 1790-1930                                                                             2

            Family Plots, 1770-1900                                                                                        2-3

            Church Cemetery, 1850-1930                                                                                 3-4

            Rural Cemetery, 1835-1880                                                                                   4-5

            Lawn Cemetery, 1880-1930                                                                                   5-6

G.    Geographical Data                                                                                                   1-4

            Town of Southampton Cemeteries map                                                              attachment           

H.    Summary of Identification and Evaluation Methods                                                 1-4            

I.      Major Bibliographical References                                                                           1-6


Primary location of additional data:

  State Historic Preservation Office

  Architectural Conservation Laboratory & Research Center, University of Pennsylvania