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James Truslow Adams, Memorials of Old Bridgehampton (1916), pp. 353-383


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Old Cemetery - Main Street


 page 353


ALLEN. Fanny W. wife of William H. Allen born July 12, 812. Died Dec. 15, 1893. Ae. 81 years. At rest.

AUSTIN. Jane, wife of Samuel Austin, died April 23, 1862. Ae. 40 ys.

      Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.

 -Ellen J. Austin, died Feb. 26. 1876. Ae. 18 ys. 2 mo. & 10 ds.

      Jesus into thy faithful hand

      My naked soul I trust,

      My body waits for thy command

      To drop into the dust. Erected by her father.

BAKER. Maria widow of Abraham Baker died Aug. 29th, 1865. Ae. 70 ys.

-Abraham Baker died May 16, 1852. Ae. 62.

 -Marthara, died Aug. 19, 1832. Ae. 3 ys.

BENNETT. Polly K. wife of Lester Bennett, died July 13, 1869. Ae. 68 ys. 3 mo.

      He giveth his beloved sleep.

-Lester Bennett died Aug. 13, 1872. Ae. 74 yrs. 10 mo.

        Sleep on dear Father and take thv rest,

       God took the from us, he thought it best.


page 354


-Caroline C. died March 24, 1823. Ae. 8 mo. Sarah S. died Sept. 20, 1828. Ae. 2 ys. 1 mo. Children of Lester and Polly K. Bennett.

      Our days on the earth are as a shadow.

BENWARE. Annie E. wife of Theophieus Benware died Aug. 8, 1877. Ae. 39 ys. & 5 mo.

       For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain. Phil. 122.

BESHLE. To bloom in Heaven. Clarance son of Louis M. & Mary E. Beshle died Oct. 17, 1882.

BISHOP. Jetur R. Bishop died Oct. 15th, 1889. Ae. 71 ys. 7 mo. & 7 ds.

 Lucy J. wife of Jetur R. Bishop died Jan. 14, 1885. Ae. 56 ys. 3 mo. & 2 ds.

BRADLEY. Gladys Foster, June 27, 1898. Aug. 4, 1898.

-Carolyn Foster, Sept 17, 1894 Nov. 8, 1894.

 BRINCKERHOFF. Annie E. wife of W. E. Brinckerhoff died Oct 19th, 1878. Ae. 25 ys. & 5 mo. At rest

-W. E. Brinckerhoff died June 27, 1881. Ae. 29 ys.

BROWN. In memory of Charles H. Brown, Corporal Co. E. 11th N. Y. Cavalry. Born March 13th, 1842, died

-Mother. Nancy wife of Henry Brown. Born Oct 25, 1 7 99. died Dec. 22, 1889.

      Oh for a touch of a vanished hand.

-In memory of Capt Alexander Brown, who died suddenly of Apoplexy, in Bridgehampton Nov. 16, 1827. Ae. 53 & 5 54 years after his arrival in America from England his native country.

       Husband and parent in the Atlantic wave

       We mourn thy sudden death, thy distant grave

       By all belov'd with honest heart adorned

       By strangers honored and by strangers mourned.

      This humble memorial is erected by his affectionate an bereaved widow, Sarah V. Brown.

 -Died Nov. 8, 1824. Samuel Brown. Ae. 51.

-Died Feb. 18, 1852. Phebe, Relict of Samuel Brown. Ae. 74.

-Died Sept. 20, 1821. Sarah, Relict of James Brown. Ae. 93.

BROWNE. Apphia Browne, daughter of the Rev. James and Mrs. Sarah Browne, died Sept. 14th, 1783, in the 18th year of her age.

-In memory of the Rev. James Browne Pastor, of the Church of Christ in Bridgehampton, who died April 22nd, 1788, in the 68th year of his age*

BURNETT. David L. son of David B. & Sarah J. Burnett died Sept. 11, 1870.

BYRON. John Byron, died Aug. 27th, 1867. Ae. 23 yrs.

CHATFIELD. John H. Chatfield died Dec. 26, 1865. Ae. 40 yrs.

      In the midst of life we are in death.

-Esther E. Edwards widow of John H. Chatfield died Nov. 3, 1899. Ae. 69 ys. 11 mo. & 7 ds.

      And they shall walk with them in white for they are worthy.

-John Gr. Chatfield died Dec. 25, 1903. Ae. 42 yrs.

      Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.


page 355


CONKLIN. Chloe widow of Elisha Conklin died May 13, 1855. Ae. 80 yrs. 8 mo.

      Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

COOK. William N. Cook, 1826-1899.

Cordelia A. Halsey, his wife 1829-1915.

-Temperance C. Wife of Rogers Cook died Nov. 22, 1856. Ae. 43.

      I would not live always, I ask not to stay

      Where storm after storm rises dark o'er the way.

      The few lurid mornings that dawn on us here

      Are enough for life's woes, full enough for its cheer.

-Jane wife of Obadiah Cook died June 25, 1864. Ae. 85.

--Obadiah Cook born June 2, 1772, died Aug. 31, 1849. Aged 77.

-COOPER. Mable, Daughter of E. & A. A. Cooper, Died Sept. 26, 1872. Ae. 3 mo.

-T. Emmett Cooper, Jan. 18, 1848 - Nov. 5, 1911.

--Thomas H. Cooper, March 28, 1821 - June 7, 1896.

-Maria Topping wife of Thomas H. Cooper April 14, 1821 - Dec. 17, 1888.

COREY. David Alfred son of William & Matilda F. Corey died March 17, 1864. Ae. 10 ys. 9 mo.  

      Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

-William Corey a Volunteer in Co. E., 11th N. Y. Cavalry. Died March 26th, 1865. Ae. 44 ys.

 -Matilda F. wife of William Corey died Sept. 27, 1884. Ae. 54 yrs. 3 mos.

CORWIN. In memory of Prudence Corwin who died Jan. 7, 1829. Ae. 81 vs. 8 mo.*

CORWITH. Susan M. Corwith died May 20, 1888. Ae. 57 yrs. 8 mos.

David H. Corwith Born November 21st, 1821. Died Febiuary 17th, 1849.

     And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth. Yea saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them. Rev. XIV 13.

Catherine F. widow of David H. Corwith. Died June 16th, 1866.

-Hannah. Born May 24, 1846. Died Nov. 22, 1847. First child of D. H. & C. F. Corwith.

-Davidetta, Born March 3, 1849. Died Sept. 6, 1852. Last child of D. H. & C. F. Corwith.

 -W. Augustus Corwith Born Sept 13, 1825. Died May 2. 1002.


Children of W. A. & S. B. Corwith.

 Eliza M. 1862.

William S. 1866.

 -William Corwith. Born March 12, 1791. Died Aug. 27, 1872. Ae. 81 ys. & 5 mo.

 -Hannah wife of William Corwith. Born Dec. 11, 1792. Died Sept. 6, 1860. Ae. 67 ys. 9 mo.

-Jerusha S. Edgar. Died at Rahway, N. J., Feb. 12, 1858. Ae. 30.


page 356


-Chas. H. Corwith. Died at New Orleans Sept. 29, 1858. Ae. 35.

 Children of Wm. & Hannah Corwith.

-Sarah Corwith born July 19th, 1826. Died January 20th, 1912. Blessed are the pure in heart.

 Susan W. Corwith died April 6th, 1871. Ae. 51 ys.

      The days of thy mourning shall be ended.

                                Isiah LX. 20.

-Susan wife of Gurden Corwith born April 3rd, 1789, died June 21st, 1873.

      Well done good and faithful servant; enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.

-Gurden Corwith born March 16th, 1789, died Oct. 15th, 1877.

      I trust in the mercy of God forever and ever.

 -Mason's Insignia. Silas W. Corwith, Born Sept. 21st, 1826. Died Sept. 1st, 1864.

-Juliett G. widow of Edward H. Corwith died September 3rd, 1863. Ae. 37 yrs. 7 mo.

      We which have believed do enter into rest.

-John B. son of Gurden & Susan Corwith died Sept. 28, 1833. Ae. 5 years.

CORWITHE. Henry Corwithe departed this life May 21 1820. Aged 62 years and 13 days.

- In memory of Sarah H. wife of Henry Corwithe died May 21st, 1826. Aged 65 years.

CROOK. Sarah A. Crook March 3, 1843 -  July 6, 1901.

 DAYTON. In memory of Mr. Beriah Dayton who died Sept 27th, 1791. Aged 84 years.

 DENISON. Phebe Relict of Samuel Denison, died Jan. 26, 1842. Ae. 68.

 -Jane M. Wife of William S. Denison Born Dec. 11, 1814. Died Apl. 22, 1844.

 William S. Denison Born Feb. 18, 1808. Died May 22, 1862.

-Susan M.Wife of William S. Denison Born Oct. 27, 1821. Died Aug. 31, 1899.

DICKINSON. Althina Dickinson Dec. 5, 1858 -  Jan. 22, 1865.

DOUGLAS. Sacred to the Memory of Phoebe H. Douglas wife of Arnold Douglas of the City of New York born Sept. 17, 1798, and departed this life Aug. 21, 1830.

       Oh! Union purest most sublime

       The grave itself but for a time

      Thy holy bond shall sever

      His hand who rent shall bind again

      With firmer links the broken chain

      To be complete for ever.

DOWNS. Children of Nicholas A. & Mary M. Downs.

Everett. Died May 7, 1874. Ae. 15 yrs. & S mo.

EDWARDS. Thomas Edwards. 1816-1882.

Mary A. his wife 1823-1897.

 Sylvanus, their son 1852-1861.

 - Shaft N. Side. Jesse Edwards, died Oct. 8th, 1864. Ae. 33 yrs.


page 357 


Charles P. Edwards, died Oct. 1st, 1858. Ae. 21 yrs.

 Willie L. Edwards, died Sept. 18th. 1849. Ae. 6 yrs.

 Catherine widow of Henry Edwards died May 19, 1870. Ae. 78 ys.

W. Side. Elizabeth H. wife of Henry Edwards, died Sept. 30th, 1860. Ae. 56 yrs.

 S. Side. Henry Edwards died April 29, 1869. Ae. 68 yrs.

-Mr. Frederick R. Edwards died July 30, 1846. Ae. 77.

 ELDRIDGE. Andrew Eldridge died Sept. 16, 1902. Ac. 82 ys. & 4 mo. At rest.

Mary E. Fithean his wife died Dec. 30, 1911. Ae. 77 ys. 11 mo. & 30 ds.

ELLlSTON. In memory of Joseph Elliston of the 81 Reg. N. Y. S. M. who fell at the Battle of Cold Harbor June 2, 1864, in defence of the Union and Constitution of his Country, Ae. 20 yrs. 6 mos. 26 ds.

Sarah Jane Elliston departed this life Dec. 2, 1859. Ae. 2 yrs. 1 month.

 -Joseph Elliston died Sept. 18, 1872. Ae. 64 yrs.

Eliza widow of Joseph Elliston died Nov. 5, 1888. Ae. 75 ys. & 4 mo.

ESTERBROOK. I. H. S. - Richard Esterbrook born Dec. 20, 1836, died Aug. 6, 1892.

 FOSTER. Cornelia wife of David Foster died Aug. 25, 1864. Ae. 44 ys. 1 mo. & 17 ds.

      Her dust shall rest beneath the sod

      Her spirit has returned to God.

FRANCIS. Roger A. Francis died July 13, 1885. Ae. 59 ys.

      Be thou faithful unto death and I will give thee a crown of life. Rev. 8. 10.

 -Shaft W. Side. Rev. Amzi Francis A. M.

S. Side. Erected to the memory of a beloved Pastor by his Congregation.

        The righteous shall be in everlasting remembrance.

E. Side. Born at West Hartford. Ct. July 31, 1793. Graduated at Middlebury 1819. ordained & installed fourth Pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Bridge Hampton April 17. 1823. died Oct. 18, 1845, sustaining his pastoral relation until his death.

N. Side. Eminently pious. Laborious in duty. Endeared to his family. Beloved by his people. Respected by all. His death was peaceful, Happy, triumphant.

        To die is gain.

-Blessed is he that keeps all the ssyings of the prophecy of this book. Blessed are they that do his commandments that they may have right to the tree of life & may enter in through the gates into the city.

Erected in memory of Mrs. Eliza Talcott consort of Rev. Amzi Francis, and daughter of Mr. Samuel & Mrs. Abigail P. Talcott, of Hartford, Conn, who died Aug. 17, 1829. Aged 34 years.

    She was a doer of good & a lover of good things. God laid her here with the hope of immortality. Let the earth rejoice for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth.


page 358


-Mary S. H. widow of Rev. Amzi Francis May 27, 1808. May 24, 1897.

        Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Matt. 5.8.

-Ann Eliza R, died Sept. 24, 1836. Aged 2 years. 

Mary Amelia, died Oct. 21, 1836. Aged 5 weeks.

Daughters of Rev. Ammi & Mary S. H. Francis   

        They were lovely and pleasant in their lives, and in their death *hey were not divided.

-Samuel Tolcott Son of Amzi & Mary S. H. Francis born Sept. 3, 1839, died March 6, 1841.

-Isabella G. Francis, died June 1, 1915. Ae. 83 ys.

        When Christ who is our life shall appear

        Then shall ye also appear with him in glory. Colossians 3. 4.

GARDINER. I.H.S. John Lyon Gardiner, M.D., son of David Gardiner. Born May 6, 1823. Died May 29, 1908.

        The beloved Physician.

-I.H.S. Mary E. Jackson, wife of John L. Gardiner M.D. Born March 19, 1848. Died.

 -David, son of Rev. C. H. & A. E. L. Gardiner, died Oct. 10, 1869. Aged 7 mos.

-Rev. Charles H. Gardiner son of David Gardiner. Born June 10, 1826. Died June 13, 1912.

-Anna E Lennon, wife of Rev. Charles H. Gardiner. Born Oct. 30, 1833. Died Dec. 15, 1910.

-Shaft N. Side. Doctor David Gardiner son of David Gardiner of Flushing, N. Y. and grandson of David, sixth Proprietor of Gardiner's Island. Born Jan. 1, 1799. Died Feb. 25, 1880.

 S. Side. Mariette, widow of Doctor David Gardiner and daughter of Hon. Abel Huntington, M.D., of East Hampton, N. Y. Born Oct. 9, 1800. Died Feb. 1, 1882.

-Mary Elizabeth wife of John L. Gardiner, M.D., and daugnter of Samuel & Mary A. Osborne, of Easthampton. Born Oct. 8, 1825. Died May 11, 1865. Lord Jesus receive my spirit.

-William Gardiner died March 1, 1880. Ae. 72 ys. 9 mo. & 22 ds.

        In my father's house are many mansions. John 14. 2.

        We only know that thou hast gone

        And that the same relentless tide

        Which bore thee from us still glides on

        And we who mourn thee with it glide.

-Sarah Corwith wife of William Gardiner and daughter of John & Phebe Rogers died March 25, 1876. Ae. 65 ys. 8 mo. & 2ds.

     Her life was spent in untiring and cheerful Christian usefulness and unselfish benevolence. Her death peaceful and happy in full faith in and dependence upon her Redeemer.

GELSTON. Abraham son of David and Phebe Gelston died May 16 A. D., 1768. Aged 3 mo. & 15 days.

 -In memory of Phebe the wife of David Ceiston who died Feb. 12th A.D., 1768. Aged 21 Years 3 mo. & 8 Days.


page 359


-In memory of Deacon Maltby Gelston who Died Sepbr. 22nd, 1783. Aged 60 years 6 mos. & 2 Days.

        Gelston's no more his soul has winged its way

        From sin and darkness to Celestial Day

        Weep for thyself for you like him must die.

-Thomas Gelston died Jan. 14, 1835. Ae. 83.

        Our fondest hopes, our most endearing ties are mortal, but affection never dies.

-Mary wife of Thomas Gelston. Died Aug. 31, 183Z Ae. 78.

        Who knows the wounds a dying friend imparts

        When the last pangs divides two social hearts.

-In Memory of Mary Daughter of Mr. John & Mrs. Phebe Gelston who died Octr. 16th, 1790.

 -Sacred to the memory of John Gelston who departed this life August 31st, 1834. Aged 84 years and 1 month.

     Leaving a testimony of his faith built upon the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone.

-Foster, son of Mr. John & Mrs. Phebe Gelston, died Deer. 25th, 1783. Aged 4 Years & 3 Months.

        This turn is mine - The next may be thine.

-In memory of Phebe the wife of Mr. John Gelston who died Octr. the 29th, 1786, in the 39th year of her age.

        Behold and see as you pass by,

        As you are now, so once was 1.

        As I am now, so you must be.

        Prepare for death and follow me.

-In memory of John Gelston who died Oct. 24, 1813. Ae. 32 years.

-Laura C, wife of Richard Geltson (sic), born Jan. 15, 1801. died Oct. 21, 1827. Aged 26.

-Richard Gelston Born June 10, 1799. died Aug. 21, 1855 Ae. 56.

GRAY. John son of Rev. Thomas M. & Mary Gray born March 15, 1866\. died April 15, 1866.

 -Solomon Gray died Feb. 26, 1829. Ae. 35.

        In life's meridian summoned to the tomb

        Nor could fond hopes or warm affections save

        Stop reader, are you prepared to meet your doom

        Friends cannot save you from the coming grave.

-Edward S. son of Edward S. &-Mary Ann Gray. Died Sept. 15, 1848. Aged 1 yr. & 9 mos.

-Mary A, wife of Edward S. Gray died March 29, 1896. Ae. 76 yrs.

-Edward S. Gray died May 29, 1853. Ae. 33.

GROSHON. My husband Augustus W. Groshon born in Washington, D. C. Dec. 5, 1843, died in Bridgehampton June 19, 1864.

        Thou hast all seasons for thine own, oh Death.

HAINES. Our mother Harriet N. wife of James L. Haines died April 22, 1877. Ae. 62 ys. 4 mo. & 15 ds.

         Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.


Page 360


-The golden bowl is broken. George W. Haines died March 31st, 1861. Ae. 25.

      God's finger touched him and he slept. There remaineth a rest for the people of God. Our life is but a vapour.

William E.. Haines was instantly killed by falling from aloft on board of Whaling Bark Niwod on the 18th of Sept., 1860. Ae. 19.

-Asleep in Jesus. Blesseu sleep. Helen M. wife of Samuel A Haines died March 14th, 1863. Ae. 24 yrs. 9 mos.

        Shed not for her the bitter tear

        Give not the heart to vain regret

        Tis but the Casket that lies here

        The Gem that filled it sparkles yet.

-? Harry

-? Jamie. Our Darling Boy.

 -James Clayton son of James L. & Harriet N. Haines died July 20th, 1863. Ae. 9 yrs. 7 mos.

        Sad was the hour that removed the away,

        Deep was the grief that rung the parents hearts

        But he who gave forbade the longer stay

        Too pure too bright too beautiful for earth.

 -Our father. James L. Haines died March 22, 1897. Ae. 84 ys. & 9 mo.

        God is my Salvation, I will trust and not be afraid.

HAINS. Jane Daughter of Daniel & Eunice Hains who died Jany. 12th, 1774. Aged 4 years & 8 days.

-In memory of Eunice Wife of Daniel Hains who died Jany. the 7th A.D., 1774, in the 32nd Year of her Age.

HALLOCK. In loving remembrance of Nicoll T. Hallock July 26, 1849. -  May 15, 1890.

HALSEY. In Memory of Jason Halsey who died March 11, 1835. Ae. 67.

-In memory of Daniel Halsey who died Jan. 14, 1827. Ae 70.

-In Memory of Job son of Samuel & Sebel Halsey who was drowned Sept. 13, 1822. Ae. 21 yrs. 5 mo. & 13 ds.

        Go home my friends dry up your tears,

        I must lie here till Christ appears.

        Prepare for death for you must die

        And be entomb'd as well as I.

-Sacred to memory of Samuel Halsey who died Sept. 22, 1839. Ae. 67.

     For I know that thou wilt to death, and to the house appointed for all living.

-Sebel widow of Samuel Halsey, died April 29, 1854. Ae. 77.

-Edward P. Halsey died October 11, 1860. Ae. 22 yrs.

        God took him.

-Amzi F. son of Richard & Frances M. Halsey died Feb. 8, 1857. Ae. 1 yr. 4 mos.

-Daniel Halsey Died Feb. 4, 1907. Ae. 89 ys. 10 mo. 11 ds.

       Descended from the Founders of the Republic he left a name untarnished as theirs.


page 361


-Amanda M. wife of Daniel S. Halsey Died July 25, 1880. Ae. 71 ys. & 1 ma

        I know that my Redeemer liveth.

-Isabella S. Haynes wife of C. Edwin Halsey. Born Jan. 30, 1858. Died Sept. 8, 1906.

        She hath done what she could.

 -Gabriel Halsey Died July 5, 1854. Ae. 74 yrs. & 7 mo.

 -In memory of Sally wife of Gabriel Halsey who died June 14, 1815 in the 27 year of her age.

-Elizabeth widow of Gabriel Halsey died April 9, 1876 Ae. 86 ys. & 2 mo.

-Samuel A. son of Gabriel & Elizabeth T. Halsey. Died Dec. 10, 1857. Ae. 32.

-Mable I. Daughr. of H. S. & L S. Halsey died Jan. 3, 1883. Ae. 8 mos.

-Philetus H. Halsey died April 15, 1882. Ae. 70 ys.

        We mourn our loss.

-Margaret M. wife of Philetus H. Halsey died Jan. 3, 1905. Ae. 81 yrs.

 -Mary wife of Ledgard Halsey died Oct. 29, 1841, in the 36th year of her age.

-Ledgard Halsey died July 18, 1857, in the 58th year of his age.   

 -Nancy Halsey 1794 -1887.

-Maria Halsey 1793 -1868.

-Nicholas Halsey 1795 -1851.

-Roxanna Halsey Born Aug. 11, 1825 died Feb. 28, 1892.

        Asleep in Jesus.

-Charles Carpenter Halsey Born Nov. 21, 1832 died April 12, 1891

        Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

-Oliver Halsey Born Feb. 11, 1790. died Jan. 6, 1885.

 Sophia his wife born Feb. 24, 1801, died March 8. 1886.

        Forever with the Lord.

-Erected to the memory of Mary wife of Benjamin H. Halsey who died Feb. 25, 1836. Aged 43 years. By an affectionate disposition and faithfulness in the discharge of relative duties, she endeared herself to her family and friends, and died deeply Lamented in the enjoyment of hope in Christ.

-In memory of Benjamin H. Halsey who died Nov. 21, 1843. Ae. 51.

        His life was gentle and serene his mind

        His morals pure, in every action just.

        A husband dear, and as a parent kind,

        As such he lies lamented in the dust.

 -Frankie, Born Sept. 1st, 1880. Died Sept. 3d, 1881.

        Safe in the arms of Jesus

        Safe in his gentle breast

        There by his love o'ershaded

        Sweetly our babe doth rest.


page 362


-Died Nov. 20, 1843. Sarah wife of Jacob Halsey. Ae. 71.

        Soft was the moment and serene

        That all her sufferings closed

        No agony nor struggle seen

        No feature discomposed.

-In memory of Elizabeth wife of Jeremiah Halsev who died Oct. 16; 1831. Ae. 89*

        In hope of eternal life.

-In Memory of Mr. Jeremiah Halsey who died Sept 1782 in the 45th year of his age.*

-Prudence wife of Simeon Halsey died Sept. 6, 1829. Ae. 63 ys. 8 mo.*

 -In memory of Simeon Halsey who died Sept 3, 1833. Ae. 68.*

        This body sleeps in dust

        Immortal joys await the host

        In perfect beauty may it rise

         When Gabriel's trumpet shakes the skies.

-A daughter of Simeon & Prudence Halsey died April 13, Ull. Ae. 2 days.*

 -In Memory of Polly Ma.. ....daughter of Simeon & Mary Halsey who died April 21, 1812. Aged. 18 yrs. 1 mo 

-Shaft. N. Side. Children of Capt Benjamin H. & Mary S. Halsey.

Mary S. died Dec. 16, 1864. Ae. 8 yrs. & 3 mo.

Benjamin H. died Dec. 12, 1874. Ae. 19 ys. 10 mo. & 26 ds.

W. Side. Capt. Benjamin Halsey born Oct. 15, 1820, died May 21, 1896.

Mary S. Rogers wife of Capt. B. H. Halsey, born Aug. 14, 1821. died April 6, 1899.

-In memory of Mary wife of Simeon Halsey who died May ye 22nd, 1804, aged 35 years 10 mo. & 14 days.*

-Our Mother. Phebc Haines widow of Robert Halsey born Sept 19, 1815. died Aug. 12, 1912.  At rest

-Our father. Robert Halsey Born Feb. 17, 1812 died Jan. 4, 1874. At rest

 -Jerusha wife of Daniel Halsey died Aug. 27, 1843. Ae. 92.

-Sarah Halsey 1824 -1912.

Ada L. Halsey. 1867-1889.

-Infant died Oct. 23, 1860. Ae. 23 ds.

Eliza M. died May 31, 1864. Ae. 6 yrs. 3 mos.

Children of Henry A. & Sarah Halsey.

Henry A. Halsey died Aug. 16, l870. Ae. 53 yrs. 7 mo.

        Asleep in Jesus.

Shaft N. Side. Adeline S. wife of Noah H. Halsey born Apr. 23, 1828, died Aug. 22, 1894.

W. Side. Caroline A. Wife of Noah H. Halsey born June 9, 1821, died April 5, 1867.

Noah H. Halsey born Feb. 22, 1820, died Jan. 23. 1889.

S. Side. Children of N. H. & C A. Halsey.

Infant daughr. died Sept 16, 1843.

Infant daughr. died Dec. 15, 1846.

Nathan H. died July 18, 1855. Ae. 5 yrs.


page 363


Ella M. died May 6, 1865. Ae. 11 yrs.

 Kittie died Sept. 25, 1867. Ae. 6 mo.

 -In memory of Jeremiah Halsey who died Oct. 9, 1806, in the 36 year of his age.

 -In Memory of Mr. Elias Halsey who departed this life Feby. 24th, 1792. in the 62d year of his age.

 -Jerusha Halsey born Aug. 31, 1770, died Dec. 1, 1851. Ae. 81.

 -Died April 10, 1847, Jacob Halsey. Ae. 77.

        There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God.

- Died Sept. 14, 1848. Cornelius Halsey. Ae. 21.

-Alva Halsey died Feb. 15, 1852. Ae. 56.

        I have fought a good fight. I have finished my course - I have kept the faith.

                               II Timothy IV. 7.

-Juliet G. Halsey May 7, 1850. Dec. 27, 1914.

-Mary wife of Alva Halsey died Oct. 15, 1836. Aged 30.

        Sleep on dear partner sleep, Till nature's change shall come, and

         Gabriel's trump shall sound.

-Roxanna Daughter of Capt. Wm. & Prudence Halsey died Sept. 11, 1825. Ae. 24.

-Frances M. wife of Richard Halsey Born Sept. 29, 1810. Died Tan. 12, 1896.

-Richard Halsey Died Aug. 16, 1882. Ae. 78 yrs.

        Asleep in Jesus.

 -Leander P. Halsey 1836-1898.

 -Ellen M. Comstock Wife of Leander P. Halsey. Born Dec. 16, 1839. Died Feb. 1, 1873. Gone Home.

 -Alice Wife of Leander P. Halsey Died June 16th, 1870. Ae. 29 yrs. 9 mo.

        So he giveth His beloved sleep.

-Stephen Halsey, Esq., died Jan. 25, 1837. Aged 80 years.

        Thus shall our mouldering bodies teach

        What now our senses learn

        For dust and ashes loudest preach

        Man's infinite concern.

-Hamutal relict of Stephen Halsey Esq. died Sept. 14. 1848. Ae. 86.

-Our father. Hugh Halsey Born June 26th, 1794, died May 29th, 1858.

        I will that they also whom thou hast given me, be with me where I am.

-Our Mother. Phebe M. widow of Hugh Halsey. Born Aj»ril 15th, 1795. Died April 9th, 1860.

        He giveth his beloved sleep.

 -James Mitchell Halsey Born May 22 , 1825, died March 22. 1899.

-Our brother. Charles E. Halsey. M.D., Assistant Surgeon 40th Regt. N. Y. Vol. Born April 27, 1834, died July 30th, 1862.

        He sacrificed his life to his profession and his country The memory of the past is blessed.


page 364 


-Our brother. E. Sidney Halsey Co. K 127th Regiment N. Y. Vol. Born March 13, 1838, died November 29th, 1862.

        Lovely and pleasant in their lives and in their death they were not divided.

-Edward Herrick Son of Hugh Halsey Esq. & Phcbc M. Halsev died Jan. 3, 1834. Ae. 5 vs. 6 mo. 14 ds.

 -Mary Howell, Daughter of Hugh Halsey Esq. & Phebe M. Halsey, died Dec. 26, 1833. Ae. 10 ys. 9 mo. 12 ds.

-Infant children of Hugh & Phebe Halsey.

 -Jamie infant son of James M. & Mary A. Halsey Bom Oct. 14, 1873. Died Nov. 16, 1873.

        Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.

HAND. In memory of Polly Maria daughr. of William M. & Elmira Hand who died Jan. 22, 1836. Ae. 19 ys. 11 mo. 23 ds.

         In the gay morn of life behold I'm called away

         From friends beloved and in the ground must lay

         Parents voice no more salute my ear

         But torn from all I now am rested here

         But oh dear friends grieve not for me

         Peaceful and calm my slumbers be

         I wait above to meet with thee.

-William M. son of William M. & Elmira Hand died Nov. 9th, 1836. Ae. 16.

        Beneath these clods in silent dust

        I sleep where all the living must

        The gayest youth, the fairest face

        Must shortly lie in this dark place.

 -Shaft N. Side. Capt. George L. Hand born Aug, 9, 1819, died Sept. 19, 1887.

 Harriet M. his wife born Jan. 3, 1837, died Jan. 26, 1897.

S. Side. Mary Addie Hand born April 26, 1871, died March 1, 1883.

E. Side. Thomas J. Hand born Oct. 17, 1860, died Dec. 22, 1911. 1911.

-Elizabeth H. wife of Watson Hand born Feb. 17, 1793, died Feb. 27, 1869. Ae. 76 ys.

        She sweetly sleeps in Jesus.

 -Came to the better land Fannie J. Daugh. of Orlando & Elizabeth H. Hand, died Nov. 7, 1859. Ae. 4 ys. 10 mo.

        I want to be an angel and with the angels stand.

 HARRIS. Susanna M. Widow of Daniel Harris died March 20, 1861. Ae. 79.*

 HAVENS. Shaft 1. Side. Phebe H. Havens. 1829-1912.

2 Side. James S. Havens. 1834-1912.

Mary M. Hand his wife 1832-1911.

 3 Side. William C. Hand 1803-1885.

 Ann N. wife of Wm. C. Hand 1786-1869.

        We know that our Redeemer liveth.

 4 Side. Jeremiah T. Havens 1806—1862.

 Eliza G. Wife of Jeremiah T. Havens. 1807-1889.


page 365 


HEDGES. My husband. John H. Hedges Died Dec. 26. 1889. Ae. 30 ys. & 9 mo.

        Trusting in Jesus.

-Nancy wife of Tillinghast Hedges died Feb. 14, 1901. Ae. 88 ys.*

 -Infant son of Edwin & Emily Hedges died 1 July 1879.

 -Edwin Hedges Born February 12th, 1847, died May 8th, 1881.

        In the joy that is born of the light.

-Hervey Hedges died April 1st, 1869. Ae. 71 yrs. 7 mo.

        An honest man is the noblest work of God.

-Erected in Memory of Mary wife of Hervey Hedges who died Aug. 27, 1842. Aged 25 years.

She was suddenly cut down without warning amidst earthly enjoyments greatly Lamented leaving her home desolate but not comfortless. She. died trusting in divine mercy through the merits of Jesus Christ.

-Erected to the memory of Laura T. wife of Hervey Hedges who died Feb. 28, 1891. Aged 81 ys. 7 mo. & 13 ds.

-David A. Hedges M.D., born Dec. 25, 1835, died Jan. 1, 1887.

-Monument, N. Side. David Hedges. 1802-1870.

Clarissa White his wife 1806-1885.

S. Side. .Cassander W. Hedges. 1834-1901.

Flora R. Chapman his wife 1840 -

E. Side. Capt. David Hedges 1770-1840.

 Jemima Topping his wife 1776-1839.

-Jeremiah Osborn Hedges. 1819-1909.

-Marcus Osborn Hedges. 1854-1911.

-Eliza Brewster Hedges. 1824-1895.

-John Brewster Hedges 1850-1908.

-Shaft, W. Side. In memory of Henry P. Hedges who was born 13th October 1817. died 26th September 1911.

In memory of Glorianna wife of Henry P. Hedges who was born 5th June 1820. Died 1st February 1891.

 N. Side. In memory of Edwin Hedges who was born 12th February 1847. died 8th May 1881.

-Maria P. Hedges Born July 18th, 1842. Died Nov. 1st, 1880.

        For he giveth his beloved sleep— Psalms 127th 2nd.

-Nancy K. Topping wife of Edwin Hedges Born Seot. 13, 1813. Died Aug. 31, 1899.

-In memory of Edwin Hedges who died June 26, 1849. Ae. 37.

        There is but a step between me and death. I Samuel XX. 3.

HILDRETH. Phebe A. Daughr. of Matthew & Hannah Hiidreth died July 22, 1842. Ae. 6 mos.

-Ellen L. Daughter of Matthew & Hannah Hiidreth, died March 10, 1845. Aged 17.

 -J. Howard son of Matthew & Hannah Hiidreth died July 28th, 1868. Ae. 25 yrs.

 -Hannah Topping wife of Matthew Hiidreth born Jan. 17, 1801, died Oct. 17, 1882. At rest.

-Matthew Hiidreth born June 25, 1798, died July 21, 1882. At rest.


page 366


 -Shaft W. Side. Children of Henry L. & Jerusha H. Hildreth.

 S. Side. William H. died Oct. 20, 1840. Ae. 1 mo. 21 ds.

Levi L. died Sept. 23, 1843. Ae. 8 mo.

N. Side. Evelyn L. died April 22, 1847. Ae. 3 yrs. 6 mo.

 Levi H. died Jan. 26, 1852. Ae. 4 yrs. 3 mo.

-In memory of Nancy P. Hildreth wife of Henry L. Hiidrcth who died April 23, 1839. Aged 29.

        Farewell dear friends my memory keep

        While in death's Arms my body sleep-

        Short was my stay with vou below

        Sooner or later all must so.

 -Jerusha H. widow of Henry L. Hildreth Born Dec. 11th, 1808. Died July 28th, 1869.

         And there shall be no night there for the Lord God giveth light.

 -Henry L. Hildreth Born Nov. 10th, 1807. Died March 11th, 1863.

         Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.

 -Mary M. widow of Levi H. Hildreth died Aug. 30, 1854. Ae. 80.

         Be ye also ready for in such an hour as ye think not the son of man cometh.

-Levi H. Hildreth born Aug. 29, 1777, died July 29, 1846. Aged 69,

         Remember me, oh pass not thus my grave

         Without one thought whose relics here recline

         The only pang my bosom dare not brave

         Would be to find forgetfulness in thine.

-Phoebe H. Shattuck daughter of Henry L. Hildreth and Nancy P. Conklin Nov. 6, 1835. Nov. 15, 1909.

-In memory of Mrs. Phebe Hildreth Relict of James Hildreth who died Oct. 15, 1822. Ae. 88 ys. & 3 mo.

 HOWELL. Here Lyeth The Bodys of Eliz. & James dau. & son of Chas. & Debh. Howell who died Feb. 1753. E. H. in 14th & J. H. in 2nd Years of Age.

-This Tablet is erected to the memory of Moses Howell who died Oct. 29, 1830.

         Spring, Summer, Autumn, with me past

         But winter yet could come

         And when full 80 years were gone

         God called me to my Home.

-In Memory of Susannah ye Wife of Lieut. Arthur Howell who died Oct. 2nd, 1760. in ye 44th Year of her age.

 -Beneath this shade lies the remains of Clarissa relict ot Arthur Howell and Daughter of Abraham Topping who died Sept. 2, 1832. Aged 36.

-Daughr. of E. & B. H. Sept. 4, 1836. Ae. 10 ds.

 -Son of E. & B. H. May 11, 1839. Ae. 5 ds.

 -Aurelia B. daugh. of Edward & Bathsheba Howell dfed July 22, 1841. Ae. 2 yrs.

 -Edward H. Howell died June 9, 1870. Ae. 64 ys. 6 mo. & 25 ds.


 page 367


-Bathshebay T. Howell March 13, 1807. March 15, 1891

-Sacred to the memory of Walter Howell who departed this life Jany. 2, 1820. Aged 78 years, 5 months & 9 days.

          Come children dear and learn to know

          That God on high will guide you through

         If you to him your day submit

         The Heavens on high will be your seat.

-Shaft W. Side. Elisha Howell died May 1, 1891. Ae. 74 yrs. & 7 mo.

Ann M. widow of Elisha Howell died Sept. 19, 1898. Ae. 79 yrs. & 11 mos.

N. Side. Children of E. & A. M. Howell.

Mary Gelston born Nov. 17, 1846, died Dec. 30, 1863.

Laura Cook born April 13, 1849, died Jan. 5, 1864.

 Edward Gray born July 13, 1853, died Jan. 16, 1864.

         Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

-Benjamin F. Howell. Born June 11, 1801. Died Oct. 5, 1855.

 Betsey his wife born July 5, 1801, died June 10, 1890.

 -Lucrctia C. Howell Born April 7, 1828, died Oct. 28. 1895.

 -Ann Maria daughter of George & Phebre Howell died Oct. 17, 1813. Ae. 10 mos. & 10 days.

William H. Howell died Nov. 20, 1887. Ae. 38 ys. & 3 no.

         I have a hope of heaven.

-Mary E. wife of William H. Howell died Sept. 12, 1872. Ae. 24 ys. & 8 mo. & 22 ds.

        Meet me in heaven.

 -In Memory of Ruth Howell who died Oct. 1, 1829. Ae. 42.

-In Memory of Abigail wife of Capt. Caleb Howell who died Feb. 14, 1831. Ae. 71.

-In memory of Capt. Caleb Howell who died Jan. 23, !841. Aged 80 years.

-In Memory of Eunice ye wife of Lemuel Howell who died June ye 13th, 1759 in ye 32nd Year of her Age.

-In Memory of Jesse Howell who died Feb. ye 2nd, 1765, in ye 53 Year of his Age.

-In Memory of Lemuel Howell who died Oct. 3, 1819. Ae. 29.

HUNTTING. Shaft, IV. Side. Capt. James R. Huntting Born in Southampton Jan. 21, 1825, died Feb. 13, 1882.

 Capt. Henry E. Huntting Born in Southampton April 17, .'828, died Feb. 17, 1903.

 N. Side. Marth White wife of James R. Huntting May 15, 1828

 S. Side. Caroline H. Foster wife of H. E. Huntting born in Bridgehampton Nov. 23, 1830, died Oct. 18, 1912.

 Minnie F. daughter of Henry E. & Caroline H. Hunting died March 28, 1886. Ae. 24 ys.

HULBERT. In memory of Mrs. Elizabeth wife of Lt. John Hulbert who died Aug. 16th, 1783, in the 83rd Year of her Age.

 JENNINGS. Shaft IV. Side. Captain Andrew J. Jennings died May 23, 1885. Ae. 61 ys. & 5 mo.


page 368


E. Side. Annie E. wife of Capt. Andrew J. Jennings died Oct. 31, 1881. Ae. 46 ys. & 5 mo.

N. Side. Lidie G Flint died Aug. 14, 1881. Ae. 19 ys. & 8 mo.

 Essie J. Flint died Sept. 26, 1881. Ae. 3 ys. & 1 mo.

JONES. Erected in memory of Sanford Jones son of Mr. William & Mrs. Eliza Jones who was born July 12, 1826, and died March 16, 1829.

-Erected in memory of Mrs. Eliza Sanford consort of Mr. William Jones who was born Aug. 2. 1801, died Jan. 2, 1830.

-In memory of Clarissa wife of William L. Jones Born ?eb. 25, 1796. Died March 10, 1845. Ae. 49.

-William L. Jones died Oct. 20, 1874. Ae. 79 ys. 8 mos.

        A man that was perfect and upright and one that feared God and eschewed evil. Job L. 1.

LESTER. George L. Lester died July 12, 1865. Ae. 34 yrs.

        In the midst of life we are in death.

 -George O. son of George L. & Hetty M. Lester died Aug.15, 1859. Ae. 8 mo.

 -Fanny Sutton wife of Richard Lester born March 27, 1809, died Feb. 8, 1878.

        For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were

         dissolved we have a building of (rest buried).

-Richard Lester Born April 13, 1797, died March 27, 1879.

        The memory of the just is blessed.

-Sarah Frances wife of Richard Lester born Feb. 18, 1794, died Sept. 11, 1843.

         Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

LEVERICH. T. B. Leverich - May 9, 1851. Feb. 21, 1905.

LOPER. In Memory of Susannah Daughter of Isaac & Susannah Loper who died Oct. 21st, 1789 aged 7 years & 14 days.

-In memory of Patience Loper who died Jan. 31, 1823. in the 83 years of her age.

-In memory of Mary Loper who died Oct 23, 1814, in the 76 year of her age.

 -In memory of Susannah wife of Isaac Loper who died August 13, 1810 aged 66 years 4 mo.

 -Harriet E. daughter of Edwin & Fannie Loper died March 23, 1871. Ae. 26 yrs/

 -Fanny wife of Edwin A. Loper died April 9, 1895. Ae. 86 ys**

-Mary Abigail daughter of Edwin & Fanny Loper Died Aug. 19 A.D., 1846. Aged 8 years 3 mos. & 24 days.**

        Farewell father, farewell mother

        As you are now, so once was I.

        As I am now you soon will be.

         Prepare for death and follow me.

-Died Oct. 18, 1849. Edwin A. Loper. Ae. 37 yrs. 8 mo.**

        Sleep my companion and take thy rest

         God took you from me, he thought it best.

-Emely Ann daughr. of Jared & Abigail Loper died March 4, 1825. Ae. 6 yrs. & 8 mo.**


page 369


-Abigail widow of Jared Lopcr died Nov. 3, 1862. Ae. 74 ys.**

-Died Nov. 8, 1849. Jared Loper. Ae. 75.**

         Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord.

-In memory of Isaac Loper who died Nov. 4, 1812, in the 69 year of his age.**

LUDLOW. Monument, W. Side. Capt. Isaac Ludlow born February 18, 1807, died December 7, 1871.

Phebe H. Pierson his wife born June 1, 1808, died August 23, 1894

S. Side. Martha T. Ludlow born April 10, 1837, died April 20, 1837.

Isaac S. Ludlow born March 30, 1839, died July 30, 1841.

 Mary S. Ludlow born Nov. 10, 1845, died Oct 10, 1846.

 E. Side. William Hardacre born April 28, 1824, died March 28, 1891.

-Abigail Pierson wife of Sylvanus T. Ludlow died June 11, 1875. Ae. 62 vs. & 10 mo. Mother.

-Sylvanus T. Ludlow died Nov. 3, 1891. Ae. 86 ys. 11 mo. & 17 ds. Father.

-In loving remembrance of Sarah E. Penny wife of James M. Ludlow Feb. 14, 1836. Feb. 3, 1914.

 -Harriet M. Brewster wife of Charles T. Ludlow died Feb. 26, 1892. Ae. 29 ys. 11 mo. & 8 ds.

-Kenneth Bloor infant son of Clara Bloor & Chas. T. Ludlow died July 25, 1897. Ae. 5 days.

-In loving remembrance of Sarah H. Hildreth, wife of Hervey Ludlow, Jan. 31, 1839. Dec. 2, 1915.

-Here rests in God the mortal remains 1>f David T. Ludlow who was born Sept. 17th, 1800 and died Aug. 30th, 1854.

        He that believeth in me though he were dead yet shall he Jive.

-Andrew P. son of Sylvanus T. & Abigail Ludlow died Aug. 25, 1836, aged 4 years & 6 months.

 -Charles H. Ludlow born Dec. 9, 1820, died Sept 27, 1848.

-Martha T. wife of Isaac Ludlow died Oct 2, 1842. Ae. 64.

        Sleep on dear friend in this thy tomb

        God said 'twas best to call thee home.

-Jerusha H. wife of Jeremiah Ludlow born Oct 5, 181/, died Sept. 4, 1847.

         Bright seraphs wave their starry wings

         And softly touch the trembling strings,

         To welcome thine immortal Lyre,

         In rapture to th' angelic Choir.

 -Miss Elizabeth Ludlow 1810-1889.

McCALL. In memory of James McCall who died May 12. 2835. Ae. 21.

         Death is the common lot of all & to the

         Christian it is the door to endless life.

MANNING. Helen wife of Henry C. Manning and daughtei of Nathan & Caroline M. Rogers Died Jan. 25, 1883. Aged 49 yrs.

         Lead Kindly Light, amid the encircling gloom,

         Lead thou me on.


 page 370


MAPLES. Frances L. Gardiner widow of Rev. Carlton P. Maples Born May 30, 1821, died March 21, 1890.

-Entered into the rest of Paradise Jan. 19, 1879. The Rev. Carlton Peters Maples in the 57th Year of his age and the 27th  of his ministry - A graduate of Geneva College and of the General Theological Seminary, N. Y. First Rector of the Episcopal Church at St. James, L. I., later of Grace, Pomeroy, Ohio.

   Now if we be dead with Christ we believe that we shall also livewith him. Romans VI. 8th.

MERRYWEATHER. There is rest in Heaven. Joseph Merryweather died at New Orleans April, 1840. Ae. 40.

Also his wife Daraxa died Nov. 24, 1840. Ae. 39.

MILLER. Arabella Halsey widow of Rev. David M. Miller horn Dec. 6, 1831. died Feb. 22, 1910.

         She hath done what she could.

-Shaft, W. Side. Rev. David M. Miller.

S. Side. Erected to the memory of a beloved Pastor by his Con- gregation. His record is on high.

E. Side. Born at Elizabeth Town, N. J., June 12, 1827, graduated at the New York University 1850. and at the Theological Seminary. Princeton, 1853. ordained & installed Sixth Pastor of the Presbyterian Church at "Bridge Hampton April 27. 1854.

Died June 29, 1855.

N. Side. Early in life pious. Early in his ministry. He died Lamented & beloved. Yet in the hearts of his people He lives. Proficient in theology — Ardent in pietv. To preach Christ, his theme. To save souls his desire. Faithful in life - Peaceful in death. Asleep in Jesus.

-Geo. Lewis Miller born at Montauk Nov. 16, 1821 died March 30, 1887.

Caroline A. wife of Geo. Lewis Miller, born at Amagansett. July 25, 1826. Died Feb. 11, 1899. Mother.

MITCHELL. Edward Mitchell Born Nov. 12, 1799. Died Aug. 3, 1876.

Mary A. Brainard his wife Born May 10, 1811. Died Jan. 22, 1848.

Mary B. their infant daughter died Jan. 27, 1848. Aged 12 days.

 -In Memory of James Mitchell who died Sept 23, 1815 in the 52 year of his age.

        Ye mortals frail come view this stone.

         It's placed in memory of one

         Who while he lived on earth

         Was honest generous and just.

         He helped the needy and distressed

         Now low he sleeps in death.

-Mrs. Lucy Mitchell wife of James Mitchell died May 16, 1836. Aged 70.

         Life makes the soul dependent on the dust.

         Death gives her wings to mount above the spheres.

         Death bursts the involving cloud and all is day.

-In Memory of Mr. John Mitchell who died Novr. ye 4th A. D., 1762. Aged 78 years.


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-In memory of Mary Daughter of John & Mehi table Mitchell who died November the 22nd. (?) 1770. Aged (?)

 -In memory of Samuel & Nathaniel, Twins, Sons John & Mehitabel Mitchell. Samuel died Jan. 10, 1759. Aged 2 years, 9 mos. 10 days. (Rest of stone buried).

 -In Memory of John & Phebe, Twins of John & Mehitabel Mitchell. John died July 14, 1749. Aged 6 days. (Rest of stone buried.)

-Mehetabel Cook Relict of John Mitchell died Nov. 3, 1810. Aged 84 years.

 -In memory of Mr. John Mitchell who died the 21st Day of June A. D. 1774. in the 56th Year of his Age.

 MOONEY. Shaft E. Side. Mary A. wife of Edward Mooney died Feb. 8, 1888. Ae. 54 ys. & 13 ds. Asleep in Jesus.

S. Side. Edward Mooney died April 21, 1902. Ae. 69 yrs.

MOORE. In memory of Mr. Daniel Moore who departed this life Novr. 10th, 1791, in ye 83d Year of his Age.

-In Memory of Mrs. Anna wife to Mr. Daniel Moore «vho departed this life July 8th, 1787 in ye 79th year of her age.

NEWTON. Infant son of Lewis L. & Amanda E. Newton died Nov. 12, 1848. Ae. 9 dys.

In Memory of Samuel E. son of Nathaniel C. & Mar/ Newton died Sept. 22, 1848. Ae. 24 yrs. 5 mo.

         Dear friends who live to mourn and weep

         Behold the grave wherein I sleep

         Prepare for death for you must die

         And be entombed as well as I.

-Amanda E. wife of Lewis L. Newton died April 30, 1851. Ae. 29 ys. 4 mo. & 4 ds.

NILES. In memory of John P. Niles who was Shipwrecked snd drowned near Hempstead Beach on the 5 of March 1832. Ae. 25 ys. 2 mo. & 7 ds.

        If an amiable disposition, strict moral integrity and activity of

        body and mind, could save from the shaft of death he had not

      died - but the stroke was given according to the Will of infinite

        Wisdom, which saith to you and me "Be ye also ready."

-In Memory of Frances M. Relict of John P. Niles who died Sept. 12, 1837. Ae. 29.

        I would not live always and blest is the tomb

        Since Jesus has died I will welcome its gloom -

        There sweet be my rest till he bid me arise

        To hail him in triumph descending the skies.

NORRIS. In Memory of Matha Wife of Stephen H. Norris who died July 25, 1840 aged 67 years.

-In Memory of Stephen H. Norris who died March 15, 1853. Ae. 80.

 -Charles H. Norris died July 31, 1856. Ae. 48 vs. 6 mo.

 OVERTON. Jos. L. Overton Born April 1823. Died March 1901.

PALMER. Louise A. wife of Seth S. Palmer died Oct 18, 1854. Aged 26.

         The loved one sleeps, But when the morning breaks, "She'll wake and sing."


page 372


PAYN. S. PAYN. [Sylvanus Payne]

PEIRSON. In Memory of Elizabeth wife of Col. David Peirson who died June 18th, 1792, in th4 46th year of her Age.

PHILLIPS. Katherine M. wife of Smith Phillips died Jan. 19 t 1880. Ae. 46 ys. & 1 mo. Gone to her rest

 PIERSON. Fanny P. Pierson born Nov. 30, 1814, died Aug. 17, 1889.

         Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

-Mary T. Wife of Eliphalet Pierson, daughter of Paul & Rebecca Topping died Novr. 2, 1854. Ae. 50.

         Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.

 -In memory of Capt. Samuel B. Pierson born Feb. 22 d, 1816. died Oct. 1st, 1864. His remains lie interred in the English Cemetery attached to the City of Pernambuco, South America.

         Rest the loved one in a foreign tomb

         Afar from kindred friends and home

         But when the dead in Christ shall rise

         We'll meet again beyond the skies.

 -In Memory of Mrs. Harriet wife of Theodore Pierson who died April 2, 1849. Aged 30.

Harriet E. Daughter of Theodore & Harriet Pierson died Aug. 31st, 1849. Aged 6 months.

-William E. Pierson died Oct. 20, 1884. Ae. 46 ys.

-Our father and mother. Capt. William Pierson lost at sea June 4th, 1846. Ae. 29 yrs.

Sophia widow of Capt William Pierson died April 17th, 1865. Ae. 52 yrs.

-Phebe Foster wife of Theodore Pierson died Feb. 28 1903, Ae. 76 yrs. & 7 mo.

-Theodore Pierson died Dec. 10, 1891. Ae. 70 ys. & 6 ma

 -Gurden Pierson died Dec 2, 1866. Ae. 83 ys. ft 10 mo.

Matsey widow of Gurden Pierson died Jan. 10, 1872. Ae. 85 ys. & 4 mo.

POUNDING. J. Edmund son of Edward & Anna Pounding Died Nov. 1, 1893. Ae. 24 ys. At rest.

-Anna wife of Edward Pounding Died Feb. 15, 1879. ivc. 33 vs. He giveth his beloved sleep.

 RElLLY. Phebe R. Corwith widow of Robert A. Reil!/ died March 23, 1906. Ae. 83 yrs.

       They rest from their labors for their works follow with them.

ROBERTS. Sacred to the memory of Mary P. wife of Rev. Henry F. Roberts, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church of this place, and daughter of Mr. Daniel Crane of Jersey City. N. J. who departed this life Nov. 21 1841. Aged 34 years & 13 days.

          Here from this life's cares, beneath this sacred sod,

          Rests her remains, her soul's returned to God.

          In her did each endearirg virtue blend

         Which could adorn the Mother, Wife or friend.

         Then rest in peace, till from the distant skies,

         The trump shall sound to bid these ashes rise.

This monument was erected as a testimony of their affectionate regard for their afflicted Pastor, by the Members and Friends of


page 373 


the Methodist Episcopal Chinch in Bridgehampton.

ROGERS. In Memory of Harriet Augusta, daughter of E/ekiel H. & Mary Rogers, and adopted daughter of Rev. Amzi & Mary

S. H. Francis who died Feb. 14, 1840. Aged 16 years.

-Mary wife of James Rogers and daughter of Samuel H. &

Hannah Rose Born Feb. 5th 1788. Died Dec. 14th, 1865. So he gave his beloved sleep.

-Sacred to the memory of Sarah Matilda Daughter of X. & Caroline M. Rogers who departed this life 14th aged 4 years and 3 month. (Verse illegible.)

 -Nathan Rogers. Born August 1st, 1787. Died Dec. 6th, 1844.

Caroline Matilda Wife of Natnan Rogers Born April 23, 1801. Died June 18, 1857.

 James H. Rogers Born Sept. 1, 1829. Died March 12, 1901.

 Edmund Rogers Died at sea May 17th, 1861. Aged 36 years

-Mary Z. wife of Edmund Rogers Died Nov. 13, 1855. Ae. 22.

 -Samuel Denison Rogers Died May 18th, 1853. Aged 31 years.

 -Ellen Miner Daughter of George 1. & Fanny B. Rogers Died May 4th, 1860. Ae. 3 ys. 10 mo. 14 ds.

-Fanny Alline oldest Daughter of George T. & Fanny B. Rogers Died Nov. 20, 1858. Ae. 9 ys. 4 mo. 28 dys.

-George T. Rogers Died February 1st, 1862. Aged 35 years.

 James H. Rogers 1829-1901.

-Monument, W. Side. Charles Henry Rogers born Nov. 12, 1806; died Sept 22, 1880.

Mary wife of Charles Henry Rogeis born April 18, 1815, died March 11, 1890.

N. Side. Died infant son of Charles Henry and Mary Rogers Sept. 13, 1837. Aged 23 days.

S. Side. John son of Charles Henry and Mary Rogers born Dec 20, 1838. died Aug. 12, 1906.

-Matsey wife of Abraham Rogers died June 4, 1834. Ae. 40.

-Henry T. Rogers died April 25, 1889. Ae. 75 ys. & 7 mo 

-Polly widow of Ezekiel H. Rogers died Oct. 16, 1881. Ae. 90 ys. & 3 mo.

 -Ezekiel H. Rogers died Dec. 7, 1849. Ae. 65.

 -Mary F. wife of David Rogers died Jan. 17, 1892. Ae. 53 yrs. & 5 mo.

        Dear Mother in earth's thorny paths

        How long thy feet have trod

        o find at last this perfect rest

        Safe in the arms of Cod.

-In memory of Phebe widow of John Rogers who died October 22, 1862. Aged 77 years 6 months and 9 days.

 -In memory of David T. Rogers son of John and Phebe Rogers born June 20th, 1824, died Dec. 18th, 1842.

        His eyes are no longer dim

        His feet will no more falter

        No grief can follow him

        No pang his cheek can alter.


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-In memory of Mary Ann daughter of John and Phebe Rogers who died September 13th, 1836, aged 21 years.

    A dutiful and affectionate daughter - a kind and loving sister - an ardent friend. She lived beloved and died lamented.

        I would not live alway, I ask not to atay

        Where storm after storm rises dark o'er the way.

        The few lurid mornings that dawn on us here

        Are enough for life's woes, tull enough for its cheer

        I would not live alway, no, welcome the tomb

        Since Jesus hath lain there I dread not its gloom

        There must be my rest till he bid me arise

        To hail him in triumph descending the skies.

-In Memory of John Rogers who died February 4th, 1852. Aged 70 years and 18 days.

         I know that he shall rise again on the last day.

 -Little Winnie our first born. Winfred Ginton son of Wm.

H. H. & Libbie H. Rogers died April 4, 1869. Ae. 2 mo. & 17 ds.

 -Joshua Rogers died March 3, 1846. Ae. 32 ys.

 Maryetta widow of Joshua Rogers died Feb. 1, 1849. Ae. 34 ys.

Wm. H. H. Rogers bom March 3, 1843, died Sept. 12, 1900.

 Joshua B. Rogers Tr. died Tune 1, 1863. Ae. 25 ys. & 7 mo.

ROSE. - Sacred to the memory of Doctor Samuel H. Rose whose mortal remains are here deposited, this humble Monument is erected by his surviving widow acid children. He was born May 29, 1761, and died July 10, 1832, in the 72 year of his age.

Educated to the profession of a Physician in New Jersey, he there served as an assistant Suigeon in the Army of the United Colonies, during a part of the American Revolution. At the close of the Revolution he returned to B ridge hampton his native place, where he practiced extensively and with great success till within a few years of his death.

As a man he was honest, as a Physician skillful, attentive and kind, as a husband and father tender and affectionate, and as a believer in the atonement of Christ, he died in the joyful hope of a blessed immortality.

-The grave of Hannah widow of Samuel H. Rose who died Nov. 9, 1844. Ae. 84.

-Blessed are they which die in the Lord.

To the memory of Abraham T. Rose who was born 1792, graduated at Yale 1814. admitted to the bar in 1817. As a husband and father kind and indulgent, as a friend and citizen faithful and benevolent, as a judge and jurist upright and learned - he departed this life in peace and in the christian hope of a blessed immortality April 28, 1857. Aged 64 ys.

 -In memory of Eliza wife of Hon. Abraham T. Rose who departed this life Sept. 12th, 1867. Ae. 64 ys.

        They rest from their labours. 

-In memory of Dr. Samuel Rose only son of A. T. & Eliza Rose born June 26th, 1827. graduated at the medical college N. Y. March 8th, 1850. died Aug. 30th, 1850 in the 24th year of his age.


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A rare youth remarkable for uniform correctness of deportment and amenity of temper, but Even youth, bright hope and a blame- less life, are insuffcient to arrest the approach of death.

-Matilda daughter of the Hon. Abram and Eliza Rose died Jan. 7, 1910.

        And this is the promise he hath promised us, even eternal life.

-David P. Rose Died Jan. 25. 1885. Ae. 72 yrs.

-Mary S. widow of David P. Rose Born Feb. 19, 1816. Died Oct. 21, 1894.

RUG. Sarah Rug died Sept. 21. 1846. E. 21.

         For I know that mv Redeemer lrveth.

RUGG. Nancy wife of Jehu Rugg died May 18, 186a Ae. 68,

 -Jehu Rugg died Feb. 24, 18/8. Ae. 76 vs. & 9 mo.

-Amanda wife of Kingston Rugg died Feb. 22nd, 1880. Ae. 73

 Our son Robert J. Rugg died Oct. 16th, 1875. Ae. 33.

SANFORD. Marcus B. Sanford. June 24, 1831. May 77, 1904.

-Elbert Newton son of Marcus B. & Mary L. Sandford died Aug. 25, 1865. Ae. 3 yrs. 9 mos.

        He has left this world of sorrow

        For a brighter home above

        In heaven to live forever

        That land of peace and love.

-Shaft, W. Side. Hiram Sandford born Feb. 14th, 1783, died April 12th, 1865. Ae. 82 yrs.

 Abigail Wife of Hiram Sandford born Nov. 19th, 1782, died Dec. 11th, 1844. Ae. 62 vrs.

         The righteous shall be had in everlasting remembrance.

N. Side. George M. Rogers, born March 6th, 1809, died April 1st, 1877.

 Esther M. Sandford wife of George M. Rogers born Oct. 30th, 1811, died Dec. 18th, 1870.

Cornelia Sandford. Ae. 77 ys. widow of George M. Rogers died Dec. 2nd, 1889.

 -In Memory of Hannah Wife of Lewis Sanford who died Jany. 23rd, 1804, in the 39th year of her age.

-In Memory of Elias Sandford who died July 31, 1838. Ae. 71 yrs.

        Farewell and shall we meer

        In Heaven above

        And there in union sweet

        Sing of a Saviour's love.

-In Memory of Susan wife of Job Sandford who dierl April 5, 1825, in her 59 year.

         No more by care and pain oppressed

         Here lov'd and best of mothers rest

         Till the last trumph shall wake thy dust

         Then may we meet thee with the just

-Died April 13, 1850. Marv Ann Sandford - Ae. 48.

       Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

-Capt. Jeremiah Sandford born Oct. 20, l! 58. Died July 10, 1835. Ae. 66.


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-In Memory of Mary Relict of Jeremiah Sandford who died Apr. 18, 1855. Ae. 80 yrs.

-In Memory of Job Sandford who died Oct. 14, 1831. Ae. 65.

        When death doth throw its fatal dari

        And nearest earthly friends must part

         Parents must leave their children dear

        When they the awful summons hear.

-In Memory of Elias Son of Silvanus & Nancy Sandford who died May 16, 1808, in the 8 year of his age.

 -The grave of Hannah wife of Silvanus Sandford who departed this life March 26th, 1829, in the 46th year of her age.

         Blessed are the dead that die in the Lot L They rest from their labours, and their works do follow them.

-Erected to the memory of Elizabeth P. wife of Abraham H. Sandford who died July 8, 1848. Ae. 46.

        Rest wearied dust

        In the bosom of the earth

         Rest happy spirit

        In the bosom of thy God.

-Abraham H. Sandford died Aug. 31, 1853. Ae. 55.

-Susan widow of Abraham Sandford died May 7, 1859. Ae. 62.

        There is a glorious rest for weeping mortals given,

         And when they sink on earth's cold breast,

        They find that rest in Heaven.

-Father & Mother.

Edward Sandford died Dec. 1 1882. Ae. 79 ys. & ll mo.

 Martha Strong wife of Edward Sandford died April 4, 1887. Ae. 83 ys. & 10 mo. Gone home.

 -Juliet daughter of EdwaH & Martha Sandford died Sep. 30, 1861. Ae. 15 yrs. 5 mo.

        Meet me in Heaven.

-In memory of George Sandford who died Oct. 10, 1810. Ae. 40.

-In Memory of Mr. Beriah, Sandford who died Augt. 2d, 1792, in the 30th Year of his Age.

        Death is a debt to Nature due

        Which I have paid & so must you.

-In Memory of Jonah Sandford who died Novr. 27th, 1771, in the 52 Year of his Age.

 SAYRE. Sarah E. wife of Stephen Sayre died Oct. 27, 1876. Ae. 42 ys. & 3 mo.

Stephen Sayre Died Sept. i2, 1908. Ae. 76 ys. & 3 mo.

Fanny P. Daughter of Stephen & Sarah E. Sayre. Died Jan. 20, 1877. Ae. 15 yrs.

-Stephen Sayre Born Mar :!i 9, 1772. Died July 3, 1822.

-Sophia Rysom widow of Stephen Sayre Born Aug. 27, 1779. Died Dec. 12, 1858.

-William P. son of Stephen & Sophia R. Sayre Born Dec. 2, 1809. Died Sept. 25, 1829.


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-Mary C. Daughter of David M. & Eugenia Sayre Died Jan. 4, 1837. Aged 18 months.

        She's on her Saviour's bosom laid

        And feels no sorrow th*re

        She's by an heavenly Pirent fed

        And needs no more your care.

-Eugenia wife of David M, Sayre Born Tan. 20, 1811. Died April 20, 1859.

 -David M. Sayre Born Oct 10th, 180/. Died May 20, 1860.

 -In Memory of Zepaniah Sayre who died Oct. 29, 1840. aged 78 years.

-Mrs. Juliana wife of Zephaniah Sayre died Nov. 4, 1837. Ae. 70.

--Captain Uriah Sayre d ; ed Jan. 16, 1872. Ae. 82 ys. & 10 mo.

SCHELLINGER. Father—Jeremiah Schellinger died June 13, 1871. Ae. 62 yrs. 6 mos.

         Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

-Charles A. Schellinger. Aged 20 ys. & 10 mo.

        We loved him, yes! no tongue can tell,

        How much we loved him and how well;

        God loved him too, and He thought best,

        To take him home, and be at rest.

-Mother.. Mary L. wi f e of Jeremiah Schellinger died Oct. 16, 1887. Ae. 68 ys. & 8 mo.

        Well done good and faith? J servant. Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.

 SCHOY. Klelius Schoy 1845-1880.

Anna Marae his wife 1841 - 19....

Henry Albert infant.

        Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

 SHERAN. Died Oct. 30, 1852. Mrs. Ellen Sheran. Ae. 21.

SMITH. In Memory of Sylvester R. Smith who died Aug. 17, 1843. Ae. 26.

        Come dear youth and view this age

        And be prepared to quit this stage

        Renounce the world and all its charms

        That you may rest in his dear arms.

-Phebe widow of Thomas Smith died April 24, 1872. Ae. 94 ys. 5 mo. & 20 ds.

 SOULE. Mary P. Hand wife of Frank Soule born May 17, 1823, died Sept. 4, 1848.

SPEAR. Emeline Spear died April 19. 1897. Ae. 83 ys. 7 mo. & 16 ds.

        All is well.

SQUIRES. Theron W. Squires 1839 -1904.

His wife Mary E. 1843 -

-Minnie W. Daughter of T. W. & Mary E. Squires Died Nov. 5, 1888. Ae. 21 ys. 9 mo. & 13 ds.

        Gone from our home but not from our hearts.


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-Roland E. son of T. W. & Mary E. Squires Died March 5. 1885. Ae. 8 mos.

STANBOROUGH. Memory of Elizabeth wife of Stephen Stanborough who died June 11, 1824 in her 73 year.

        Death is a debt to nature due,

        Which I have paid and so must you.

 STEEN. Mary A. Steen died Tan. 29, 1863. Ae. 65.

 -Captain John Steen died Oct. 12, 1870. Ae. 48. Mason's Insignia.

 -Mary E. wife of John Steen died April 7, 1897. Ae. 67 yrs.

 -Ernest Denison Steen died Oct. 20, 1888. Ae. 34 ys. & 7 mo.

-John H. son of Capt. John & Mary E. Steen died April 15, 1874. Ae. 6 ys. 7 mo.

 -Mary Adelaide Steen died Feb. 25, 1907. Ae. 49 yrs.

STRATTEN. In Memory of Abraham ye Son of Eliphalet & Phebe Stratten who died Dec. ye 27th, 1762, in ye 27th year of his age.

TALMAGE. Daniel Talmage Died Oct. 3, 1858. Ae. 74 yrs. 2 mo.

 -Mary Ann Talmage born May 19, 1818. Died April 24, 1874.

        She hath done what she could.

-Susan M. wife of Daniel Talmage died Feb. 16, 1858. Ae. 72 yrs. 6 mo.

 TALLMAGE. Alfred Tallmage died May 27, 1883. Ae. 79 yrs. 4 mos. Gone but not forgotten.

TERBELL. Hettie M. Osborne widow of George Lester and Charles Terbell— died March 1st, 1916. Ae. 78 yrs. 4 mos. 12 ds.

TERRY. Jerusha A. wife of Phineas Terry died Oct. 15th, 1860. Ae. 39 ys.

? --Emily Augusta 1864, (next to above).

 -Phineas B. Terry died Oct. 14, 1890. Ae. 33 vs. 10 mo. & 20 ds. Safe in the arms of Jesus.

TIFFANY. Shaft, N. Side. Nathan Newton Tiffany son of Nathan N. & Mary A. Tiffany Born January 29, 1857. Died April 15, 1894.

W. Side. Nathan N. Tiffany Born March 17, 1812. Died April 29 1882.

 Mary A. Widow of Nathan N. Tiffany Born Aug. 17, 1824. Died December 27, 1895.

        Oh stranger if thou hast a sigh

        A pitying sigh for others' woes,

        Then linger yet a moment nigh

        For sacred ashes here repose.

        Oh did'st thou know what relics sleep

        In this dark cold sepulchral bed

        Perhaps thou'dst sit like me and weep

         For what I hold most dear is dead.

TITUS. Violet wife of Wm. Titus died May 31, 1869. Ae. 66 yrs.

        'Tis hard to part I know, Yet I would not live always no, Welcome the tomb, Since Jesus has lain there I dread not the gloom.

 TOPPING. Janet S. Topping 1838-1908.

-Charles H. Topping 1832-1884.

-In Memory of Abraham Tooping who died November ye 10th A. D. 1760 in ye 27th Year of his age.


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-Died March 18, 1817. Prudence widow of Abraham Topping. Ae. 86.

        Oh! May we tread the Heavenly path

        Which thou hast trod before

        And meet thee in yon world above

        Where we shall part no more.

-In memory of Jones Topping who died March 10, 1824. Aged 33.

        Life and the grave two different lessons give

        Life teaches how to die, Death how to live.

-Sacred to the memory of Capt. Abram. Topping an Elder of the Church. He was a humble Christian, lived respected & died lamented April 15, 1818. Aged 55 years.

        Ye friends that weep around my grave

        Compose your minds to res I

         Prepare with me for Hidden death

        And live forever blessed.

        A few short years of evil past

        We reach the happy shore

        Where death divided friend* at last

         Shall meet to part no more.

 -Puah widow of Elisha Topping died April 15, 1876. Ae. 87 yrs.

 -In memory of Elisha Topping who died June 2, 1819. Aged 31.

..........fate. A sudden rush from Life's meridian Joys.

          A wrench from all we love, and O! the last, last silence of a friend.

-In Memory of Mary wife of Dr. Nath Topping a sincere Christian who died in the triumph of faith, March 1, 1819. Ae. 31.

       "What divides our fate? Perhaps a moment or perhaps a year.

        Or if an age, it is a moment still. Life makes the soul depend-

        ant on the dust. Death gives her wings to mount above the

         spheres. This King of terrors is the prince of peace. Then

        welcome death that wounds to cure. We fall, We rise, We


 -Rebecca widow of Paul Topoing died May 12, 1864. Ae. 84 yrs.

         Blessed are the meek for the shall inherit the earth. 

-Paul Topping died March 20 1847. Ae. 67.

       Mark the perfect man and behold the upright for the end of that man is peace.

-Almira J. Wife of Alanson Tupping died Feb. 4, 1869. Ae. 64 yrs. Faithful unto death.

 -Captain Alanson Topping died Dec. 10, 1879. Ae. 77 yrs.

        At rest.

-Emily daughter of Alanson & Almira Topping died Feb. 15, 1914. Ae. 73 ys.

-In memory of Jane Daughter of Stephen S. & Rebekah Topping who died Sept. 19, 1805. Aged 17 years and 15 days.


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-In Memory of Rebeckah Wife of Stephen S. Topping who died Septr. 25, 1805, aged 41 years 11 mo. & 16 days.

 -Stephen S. Topping died Feb. 2, 1840. Ae. 76.

 -Jerusha relict of Stephen S. Tonping died Sept 16. 1853. Ae. 79.

 -In Loving Remembrance of Annie E. Wife of Albert E. Topping January 18, 1846. April 24. 1891.

 -Zerviah L. wife of Wm. S. Topping died Nov. 9, 1849. Ae. 38.

        I would not live alway remote from my God,

        An exile from heaven that blissful abode

        Where rivers of pleasure flow o'er the bright plains

         And the noontide glory eternally reigns

        There saints of all ages in harmony meet,

        Their Savior and brethren transplanted to greet

         While anthems of rapture unceasingly. .(Rest buried).

-Capt. Wm. S. Topping died Oct. 26, 1879. Ae. 73 yrs. & 6 mo.

Lieut. Wm. O. Topping died April 29, 1863. Ae. 25 yrs. Killed at Battle of Vicksburg.

TYNDALL. Fell asleep in Jesus Dec. 18, 1885. Addie wife of Richard Tyndall. Ae. 25 yrs. & 26 dys

Richard Tyndall 1848 -1903.

--Thomas Tyndall departed this life Aug. 14, 1853. Ae. 52 ys.

Jane widow of Thomas Tyndall departed this life June 15, 1887. Ae. 84 ys. & 5 mo.

Shaft, N. Side. Thomas Tyndall 1831 -1903. At rest

 W. Side. John W. son of T. & L. Tyndall Born Nov. 22, 1866. Died May 26, 1895.

Eliza J. Daughter of T. & L. Tyndall Born March 11, 1858. Died Aug. 3, 1861. Gone to rest.

WEBER. Valentin Weber Born in Hattenbach, Germany, Jan. 8, 1807. Died July 4, 1877. Ae. 69 vs. & 6 mo.

WHEELER. Sacred to the memory of Solomon Wheeler of the City of New York who died Aug. ?6, 1833. Ae. 67.

WHITE. Henry White died June 6, 1871. Ae. 74 yrs.

        Tho' I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will

        fear no evil for thou art with me. - Ps. XXIII. 4.

-Eliza Rogers widow of Henry White died May 4, 1881. Ae. 81 ys. 8 mo. & 11 ds.

        And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me Write - Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.              Rev. 14. 13.

 -George H. White born June 20th. 1828, died January 25th, 1879. Our Brother is at rest

 -Alfred Cook son of Henry & Eliza R. White died July 29, 1843. Ae. 9 yrs. 10 mo.

-John E. White born April 26, 1838 died Feb. 26, 1911.

His wife Martha I. born Nov. 8, 1848 -

-Benjamin F. White Born Jan. 3, 1830, died April 11, 1895.

--Isabella Gray daughter of John E. & Martha White died April 27, 1884. Ae. 7 ys. & 10 mo.

        The Lord is my Shepherd.


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-Bennie R. Son of Benjamin F. & Frances Z. White died Jan. 22, 1861. Ae. 8 mo. & 20 ds.

         God hath our treasure.

WILLER.(?) Our little Bertie died April 20, 1883. Ae. 4 yrs. 8 mo.

 -(?)Our little Arvie died March 26, 1883. Ae. 2 yrs. 1 mo.

 WINTERS. My dear Mother. Mary C. Sandford Winters 1809 -1898.

Hannah E. Winters 1834 -1908.

Charles Sandford 1815 -1891.

WOODRUFF. Daniel O. Woodruff. Died Dec. 29, 1900. Ae. 75 ys. 6 mos.

Beulah Dau. of Daniel & Ruth Woodrue Died Jan. 1, 1876 Aged 54 yrs. 7 Mos. & 9 Ds.

        Sleep on dear sister take thy rest

        God called thee home when he thought best.

Herman Woodruff Died Oct. 12, 1887. Ae. 79 ys. & 7 mo.

      Tomorrow shall the Traveller come and he that saw me in the days of my youth shall search the fields and not find me.

-Augusta P. Wife of Capt. Sam'! C. Woodruff died April 12th, 1854. Aged 32 years 2 mo. & 12 days.

 Ada Augusta Woodruff died March 25, 1855. Aged 5 years 10 mos. & 25 days.

Evelyn Woodruff died April 5th, 185*. Aged 3 years & 27 days.

 -Mary Evelyn daughter of Capt. S. C. & M. A. Woodruff died at Nagasaki, Japan, Aug. 19th, 1S63. Ae. 1 yr. 6 mos.

        Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.

-In memory of Ruth relict of Daniel Woodruff who died Feb. 8, 1842. Aged 56 years.

         No mortal woes can reach the peaceful sleeper here,

         While angels watch her soft repose.

        To the best of mothers who reposes here in peace.

-Abagail F. Woodruff died March 30th, 1866. Ae. 85 yrs.

        The righteous shall be in everlasting remembrance

-Charity widow of Job Woodruff died June 12, 1860. Ae. 80 *

-Job Woodruff died Nov. 1857. Ae. 81*

 -In Memory of Benjn. Rogers Woodruff son of Job &

 Charity Woodruff who died Oct. 7, 1822. Ae. 8 ys. 8 mo. & 22 ds.*

        A lovely and an only. son.

        By death was called to bear his early doom

        No more he sins we hope no more he dies

       But dwells with God above the eternal skies.

-In Memory of Rogers Son of Jesse & Temperance Woodruff who died Sept. 26, 1800. Aged 15 years. (Verse illegible.)*

-In Memory of Temperance wife of Jesse Woodruff who died March 27th, 1785, in the 20th year of her age *

-Jesse Woodruff died July 9, 1857. Ae. 92 *


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-Mrs. Sally Woodruff wife of Jesse Woodruff died Feb. 5 1837. Ae. 75 *

        Tis God that lifts our comforts high

        Or sinks them in the grave.

         He takes and blessed be his name,

         He takes but what he gave.

-Sacred to the memory of Silas Woodruff who departed this life April 1st, 1829, in the 85th year (Broken) *

-Margaret daughr. of Silas & Jane Woodruff died Jan. 25, 1814. Ae. 2 ma*

 -In Memory of Hannah wife of Silas Woodruff who died Feb. 9, 1825. Ae. 80 *

        Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from whenceforth Yea, saith .......

 -In Memory of Jerusha Relict of James Woodruff deceased who died Nov. 1804 in the 29th year of her age.*

 -In Memory of Elizabeth Wife of Benjn. Woodruff who died Oct 9th, 1800 in the 65th year of her age *

 -In Memory of Benjamin Woodruff who died Feb. 23, 1808. Ae. 73 ys. 2 mo. & 11 ds*

        Life and the grave two different lessons are.

         Life teaches how to die, death how to live.

-In Memory of David Woodruff Jun. who departed this life March 9th, 1782. Aged 34 Years *

        "One dieth in his full strength, being wholly at ease and quiet.

         His breasts are full of milk, and his bones are moistened with

        marrow." Jos. 21 Chapter 23d & 24th Vs.

-In Memory of Prudance Woodruff wife of David Woodruff who departed this life May 10th, 1789. Aged 71 years*

         Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.

         Psalms 116th 15th Vs.

-In Memory of David Woodruff who departed this life Nov. 29th, 1795. Aged the 78th Year *

        For he was a good man and full of the Holy Ghost and of faith.

         Acts. 11th Chapter and 24th Vs.

-Capt Jesse Woodruff died Jan. 30, 1886. Ae. 77 yrs.

 -In memory of Daniel Woodruff who died Sept 21, 1831. Aged 52 ys. 11 mo. Rest in peace.

 -In memory of Daniel Woodruff who died July 22, 1825, in the 78 year of his age.

        Time how short - Eternity how long.

-The grave of Hannah wife of Daniel Woodruff who died Aug. 1st, 1833. Aged 86 years and 11 months.

        All on earth is shadow - All beyond is substance.

WOODWARD. Ann E. Woodward died Sept 17, 1885. Ae. 77 yrs. 5 mos. At rest

WOOLWORTH. Sacred to the Memory of the Rev. Aaron Woolworth D.D., who departed this Life April 2d, 1821, in the 58 year of his Age and the 34th of his Ministry. He was born at Long Meadow, Mass.. October 25th, 1763, Graduated at Yale College m 1784, was ordained and installed Pastor of this Con-


page 383


gregation Aug 30th, 1787, received the honorary degree of D.D. From Princeton College in 1809 and was constituted a life member of the American Bible Society by the Ladies of his Congregation in 1817. Possessed of a sound active and powerful mind richly stored with the treasures of Literature and Science, and of a tender and benevolent heart, early sanctified by Divine Grace, he adorned the relations of friend, brother, husband, parent and minister. As a christian he aimed to keep his heart with all diligence, and to adorn the doctrine of God his Saviour in all things. As a Divine he was Mighty in the Scriptures and had investigated the whole field of theological Science. As a preacher he was instructive, discriminating and pungent. And as a pastor he was faithful to his flock, and abounded in all the duties of the sacred office. His death was peaceful and happy. This stone was erected as a testimony of respect and affection by his Congregation.

-Robert Woolworth. 1824 -1904.

WORTHINGTON. Mary E. wife of John A. Worthington born Feb. 12, 1854, died Dec. 31, 1880.

-Baby Worthington.

WRIGHT. My husband Nathan H. Wright, M.D., Born Dec. 10, 1841. Died March 16, 1877. Assistant Surgeon 26th Regt. Conn. Vols. Afterwards First Assistant Surgeon 10th Conn. Veteran Regt. At rest.

-Shaft, E. Side. Children of L. D. & Amanda M. Wright

S. Side. Levi D. born July 19, 1838, died Jan. 6, 1839.

N. Side. Levi D. born April 14, 1840, died July 30, 1847.

        God made me so.

 -Levi D. Wright, M. D„ born Nov. 8, 1810, died March 23. 1883.

        The righteous shall be in everlasting remembrance.

 Mary Amanda wife of L. D. Wright, M.D., born Sept 1, 1809, died July 3, 1886.

        At evening time shall be light.

YOUNGS. Shaft, E. Side. John F. Youngs born Jan. 31, 1824, died March 10. 1903.

Betsey M. wife of John F. Youngs, born July 20, 1827, died Oct. 15, 1897.

W. Side. Frank H. Youngs born Aug. 1, 1855, died May 29, 1876.




* Removed from Scuttle Hole cemetery.


* * Removed from Loper family burying ground.


FLINT - see Jennings.


HAND - See Havens.


HARDACRE - see Ludlow.


SANDFORD -  See Winters.