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First Presbyterian Church, Southampton


                  Southampton’s Presbyterian Church originated with the founding of the colony in 1640 by settlers from Lynn, Massachusetts, when in November of that year Cambridge University graduate Abraham Pierson was ordained as minister. Rev. Pierson differed with his congregants over who was allowed to vote, however, and his stern interpretation of the law caused his departure for the stricter New Haven Colony in 1647. Several meetinghouses and churches were erected to serve the townspeople, the first in 1640 or 1641, the second in 1667 and the third in 1707, after a substantial number of Bridgehampton settlers formed a schism and split to form their own church in 1695. The fourth edifice, that which presently stands at the corner of South Main Street and Meetinghouse Lane, was built in 1843. Carpenter Gothic in style and boasting paired lancet windows and a three-story crenellated tower, the wood frame church is a classic example of its form. Like many churches of the period, it preserves a bronze Meneely bell cast in Troy, New York, which remains in use to this day.


Pastor Joshua Williams of the Presbyterian Church iin Southampton kept records during his pastorate 1785 - 1788.

           The original document appears here. The digitzed copy can be seen here.