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 Pleasure Woods Cemetry Restorations 
    Of special note:  Much valuable work was rendered at Pleasure Woods Burying Ground by Town Historian Julie Greene and Town Historian's assistant, Chris Robinson.  Their labor over numerous days resulted in finding missing pieces and actual locations for headstones, which have been moved.  Further, their work and research contributed greatly to a speedy completion of the restoration at Pleasure Woods.
930MARY BENJAMINUnknown4/23/19The headstone is intact, inscription fading.  Located footstone at right of headstone, under the ground. Dug out foot stone, which is in good condition and inscribed M.B. (Mary Benjamin) Placed the foot stone at rear of headstone.,
 5/25/19Dug out headstone, which was learning.  Straightened the headstone and back filled.
931BETSEY BENJAMIN  no restoration done at this time. Head and foot stone
932WALTER HAVENS FAMILY18404/18/19Two sections of family monument had been moved downhill approximately seven feet from the base section. Moved the two sections up hill to the arear of the foundation.
        WALTER HAVENS18404/27/19Reset the mid-section (inscribed Havens) to it’s base (bottom), using setting compound and lead shims (4).
        WALTER HAVENS1875  
        ANNA BENJAMIN HAVENS18485/7/19Moved mid-section of Havens family monument to the top of its base, with Chris Robinson.
  5/8/19Set large mid-section in place with setting compound to the Havens family monument.
  5/20/19Epoxy repaired decorative broken piece of top ornament (2nd from the top)
  5/21/19Set one of two top ornamental pieces in place with setting compound.
933POLLY BENJAMINUnknown6/4/19A foot stone was found at the gravesite of the Benjamin sisters, with no initials upon the foot stone. The footstone was epoxy repaired.
6/5/19Mortar was added to the break line of the foot stone.
934LESLIE F. HAVENS18584/24/19Headstone laying on ground, otherwise in good condition.  Reset the headstone into the earth, using plot map for its general location.
935IN MEMORY OF NATHAN K.18454/19/19The headstone was leaning heavily to the rear and left. Dug out headstone and reset into the earth.
936BETHIAH KING 4/20/19Headstone broken, laying on ground, next to Liman stone, Top and bottom missing.  Dug at left side of Nathan King headstone, Bethea’s husband, and discovered a brown stone pedestal 12” below ground, 31” left of Nathan King’s headstone. Pedestal broken and leaning backward, east.
 It is believed that this is the proper location for Bethiah’s  headstone.
5/21/19Set Bethiah King’s headstone at her gravesite.  Headstone is missing top and bottom sections.
937LIMAN STONE18515/20/19Dug around and found partial foot stone, 6 feet to the rear of Liman stone. No markings observed.  Approximately ½ of foot stone found.
938ELIZABETH STONEUnknown4/29/19Headstone was broken, with the top half missing.  Inscribed AE 85 yr, 4 mo, 27 ds.
 Dug out headstone, raised and straightened.  Reset into the earth.
939EZRA HAVENS18694/25/19Headstone broken and laying on ground.  Bottom section of headstone discovered under ground by Julie Green and Chris Robinson.  Matched headstone, which was approximately 20’ away, to the bottom section.
5/22/19Prepared to repair broken bottom section of headstone.  Holes drilled for pins.
5/25/19Epoxy repair to the bottom section to its headstone with pins and epoxy.
5/26/19Mortar added to break lines, reset into earth.
5/28/19Headstone reset into a bed of 3/4'” crushed stone, sand added and washed in.
940NATHAN KING18694/19/19Headstone broken at base, laying on ground. Raised the headstone off the ground and reset into the earth.  The broken 15” section (bottom) has been set at rear of the headstone.
5/25/19Rechecked bottom of headstone for possible repair to its bottom.  The headstone is reset into the earth, all inscription is visible above ground. Further repair not possible due to detoriation.
941UNKNOWNUnknown5/27/19Dug out bottom section of headstone for partial repair of a severely damaged headstone.
942POLLY BISHOP  Loose pieces on the ground; no restoration work at this time
943DANIEL YARRINGTONUnknown4/19/19The headstone is broken at its base, laying on the ground, in two pieces.  Reset headstone into earth.  The broken pieces are not usable.  Buried into the earth with the headstone.
944BETSY HAVENS18454/25/19The headstone is broken, laying on the ground.  Bottom section under the ground, discovered by Julie Green and Chris Robinson.  Matched headstone, which was approximately 20’ away, to the bottom section. Reset the headstone into the earth where bottom section discovered.  Bottom section planted at rear of headstone.
5/23/19Drilled holes preparing for pins insertion at bottom section to top section of headstone,
5/25/19Epoxy repaired bottom section to it headstone with pins and epoxy.
5/26/19Mortar added to the break line, reset the headstone into the earth.
5/28/19Headstone reset into a bead of ¾” curshed stone, sand added and washed in.
948UnknownUnknown5/19/19No headstone found. Probing discovered the bottom section of unknown headstone. No other meaningful parts located.
5/20/19Dug out and raised bottom section to the ground level.