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James Truslow Adams, Memorials of Old Bridgehampton (1916), pp. 325-330


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Page 325


CHATFIELD. Henry M. Chatfield Died March 29th, 1867. Ae. 66 yrs. 4 mos.

Peace to thy shade, where thou art gone

We all must go, when the death knell

That awful summons whispers on

Dear Father farewell.


-Nancy Wife of Henry M. Chatfield Died Sept. 19th, 1863. Ae. 65 yrs. 9 mos.

Dear Mother thou has left us

Thy sufferings here are o'er

Sickness and sorrow pain and death

Can never reach thee more.


COOK. In memory of Betsey L. widow of John Cook died Aug.28th, 1863. Ae. 78


In memory of John Cook Died Jan. 26th, 1856. Ae. 72 ys.


In memory of Polly Cook wife of Silas Cook who departed this life June 29th A. D. 1811 in the 29th year of her age.

Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was and the spiri shall return unto God who gave it.


-In memory of Mehitabel Consort of Henry Cook and Daughter of Nathaniel & Mary Rogers; who died Jan. 8th A. D. 1801 in the 28th year of her age. By her side lies Albert Rogers Cook 


page 326


son of Henry and Mechitabel Cook who died Jan. 11th, 1801  aged 4 months and 5 days.

Hark my fair guardian chides my stay

And waves his golden rod

Angels I come lead on the way

And waft me to my God.


Shaft E. Side. William H. Cook died Nov. 6, 1892. Ae. 33 y's. 7 mo. & 18 ds.


S. Side  Children of J. L. & Hannah H. Cook

 Anna Eliza died July 13, 1855. Ae. 9 y's. & 3 mo.

 Eugenia Luellen died July 22, 1860. Ae. 18 y's. & 6 mo.

 Eliza Mulford died May 1, 1871. Ae. 15 y's. & 8 mos.

 Bessie J. died Oct. 19, 1885. Ae. 28 y's. & 21 ds.


W. SideCook J. Lawrence Cook died Jan. 19, 1887. Ae. 74 y's.  and 3 mo.

 Hannah H. wife of J. L. Cook died Nov. 3, 1905. Ae. 85 y's. & 2mo.

 -Susanna Cook was born Aprl. the .......1691 and dyed January the 4th, 1707-8. Aetatas 17.

 -Here lyeth the body of Ellis Cook who departed this life November the 18th Ano 1706. Aetatas 44.

 -Hervey Cook died Aug. 18, 1853. Ae. 64 y's.

 -Betsey wife of Hervey Cook died Feb. 26, 1894. Ae. 84 y's. 3 mo. & 3 ds.

 -Children of Hervey & Betsey Cook.

      Stephen S. 1827-1845.

      Elmer C. 1831-1849.

      Lucy 1838-1838.

      Henry 1848-1879.

      Lillys 1852-1853.

 -In memory of Deac. John Cook who died Feb. 5, 1804. Ae. 82.

         Cook is no more, his soul has took its flight

         From sin and darkness to celestial light

        Weep, reader, weep, but not for him the sigh

        For you, yourself like him the same must die.

 -In memory of Mrs. Mary Cook wife of Mr. John Cook & daughter of Mr. Daniel Schellenger who died December 26th, 1778 in the 46th year of her Age ..... tomb ......home.

 -In memory of Silas Cook who died Oct. 13, 1842. Aged 59  y'rs. 7 mo. & 6 ds.


COOPER. Sacred to the memory of Lucretia wife of Matthew H. Cooper who died July 25, 1828. Ae. 69 years 9 mo.

 -Harriet widow of John H. Cooper died Oct. 7, 1858. Ae. 63.

 -John H. Cooper died July 23, 1850. Ae. 58.

 -Sacred to the memory of Mathew H. Cooper who died Feb. 13, 1842. Aged 84 years.


DIMON. In memory of Mary C. wife of Nathan H. Dimon who died June 18, 1845. Ae. 21. An infant son of N. H. & M. C. Dimon died Jan. 12, 1845. Ae. 2 mo.

 -Hannah Dimon died Feb. 27, 1858. Ae. 68 yrs.

 -Mary Jane Dimon died July 13, 1863. Ae. 20 yrs.

 -Libby H. Dimon died Aug. 19, 1864. Ae. 13 yr.


page 327


FOOKS. Sarah A. Hildreth wife of Charles Fooks Died Jan. 22,  1899. Ae. 68 ys.

       A true and faithful friend to all for she thought no evil.


HALSEY. In memory of Paul Halsey who died Oct. 18, 1849. Ae. 70.

 -In memory of Caroline Halsey who died March- 6, 1841. Ae. 73.

 -In memory of Caroline Frances Daughter of Paul & Mary Halsey Who died Oct. 28, 1840 aged 23 years.

      Escaped from pain and sins Alluring snares

      Loosed from the world it's sorrow and its cares

      In joys extatic now her spirit roves

     And waits with rapture for the friends she loves.

  -In memory of Mary wife of Paul Halsey who died Aug. 11, 1844. Ae. 63 y's 9 mo.

 -In memory of Corcelia Ann Daughr. of Paul & Mary Halsey who died June 9, 1841. Aged 21 years.

       Chide not the hand which breaks the tender ties

       Of friendship here to bear us to the skies

       Restrain thy sighs forbid thy tears to flow

       Corcelia rests from all her toils below.

 -Here was layed the body of Ruth the wife of Mr. Jeremiah Halsey who dyed December the 19th Anno. 1717 in the 49 year of her age.

 -In memory of Mrs. Phebe Halsey Relict of Mr. Elijah Halsey who died of the Smallpox March 26th, 1793 in the 62d year of her age.

 -In memory of Mr. Elijah Halsey who died June 10th, 1766 in the 34th year of his age.

 -Paul P. son of Paul & Mary Halsey died Aug. 11, 1821. Ae. 18.

 -Watson son of Paul & Mary Halsey died Nov. 5, 1820. Ae. 21.

 -Sarah P. Halsey died Oct. 30, 1884. Ae. 75 yrs.

 -In memory ......Ann daugh...... Hals ......(Rest peeled off). See note 1 on page 329.

 -In memory of Anna wife of Paul Halsey who died August 24, 1810. Aged 70 years.

 -In memory of Paul Halsey who died April 1st, 1830. Ae 88 y's.

 -In memory of Mehettable Halsey who died Aug. 30, 1841. Ae. 65.

 -Mr. Sylvester Halsey died Oct. 19, 1845. Ae. 76.

 -Here lyes buried the body of Mr. Jeremiah Halsey departed this life Decr, ye 29th, 1737 in ye 72d year of his age.

 -Here lieth the body of Ann Halsey who died the third day of July 1714 in the thirty-ninth year of her age.

 -In memory of Stephen Halsey who died Aug. 8, 1827. Ae. 38.

 -Cynthia daughter of Job & Rachel Halsey died Sept. 12, 1848. Ae. 23.

         The Lord hath called me.


HAVENS. In memory of Hannah Daughr. of Constant & Hannah


page 328


Havens who died Jan. 10th, 1804 in the 21st year of her age.


HEDGES. John N. Hedges died March 13, 1879. Ae. 67 y's & 5 mo.

 -Caroline A. wife of John N. Hedges died Oct. 11, 1873. Ae. 59 yrs.

 -In memory of Betsey wife of John N. Hedges who died Dec. 18, 1844. Ae. 29.

 -John N, son of John N. & Betsey Hedges died Dec. 23, 1844. Ae. 5 mo.

 -Carrie A. Daughter of John N. & Caroline A. Hedges died April 11, 1861. Ae. 12 yrs.

 -Mary L. Hedges born Oct. 10, 1842 died July 18, 1909.

 HILDRETH. Isaak Hildreth Died April 1, 1822. Ae. 66 ys.

 -Luther Hildreth Died Jan. 14, 1868. Ae. 83 ys.

 -In memory of Lester Hildreth Died Jan. 12, 1871. Ae. 78.


 HOWELL. Elisha died Oct. 18 A. D.1776 in the 8th Year of his Age.

      Jerusha died Oct. 18, A. D ....76 in the .....Year of her Age.

      Children of Mr. Phillip & Mrs. Cleopatra Howell  See Note 2, page 330

            -N. B. Two stones- old & new.

        New. Philip Howell died April 2, 1823. Ae. 87. 

        Old. In memory of Philip Howell who died April 2, 1823. Ae. 87.

                Let not vain man here fix his place of rest

               Where nature tells him he can ne'er be blest

               (Rest of inscription buried).

 -In memory of Cleopatra wife of Philip Howell who died March 23, 1807 in the 75 year of her age.

 -Stephen Son of Mr. Phillip & Mrs. Cleopatra Howell who died Octbr. 7th A. D. 1776 in the 12th Year of His Age.

 -Samuel H. Howell U. S. Navy died Feb. 5, 1904. Ae. 76 yrs.

     Julia A. his wife died Oct. 18, 1895. Ae. 71 yrs. 8 mos.

 -Frances M. widow of William F. Howell died June 19, 1874. Ae. 65 ys.

 -In memory of William Howell Who Died Dec. 24, 1831. Ae. 60.

 -In memory of Samuel Howell who died July 2, 1820. Ae. 80.

            Rest wearied dust, In the bosom of the earth

            Rest happy spirit, In the bosom of thy God.

 -In memory of Mrs. Phebe Howell wife of Mr. Samuel Howell who died Oct. 17th, 1776 in the 33rd year of her age.

 -Charles M. son of Capt. William & Mary Howell died Oct. 23, 1819. Ae. 7 ys. 10 mos. & 15 ds.

 -Here lies the body of Samuel Howell who died September the 27, 1712 aged 35 years.

 -Here lies buried the body of Mr. Elisha Howell died July 10, 1750 in the 77th year of his age.

 -In memory of Mrs. Damaras Howell Wdo of Mr. Elisha Howell who Died May ye 14th, 1757. in the 82nd year of her age.

 -Levi Howell died March 8th, 1863. Ae. 81 years.


Page 329


-In memory of William F. Howell who died Jan. 22, 1842. Aged 37 years..

       Thy life is done, thy breath is fled

       And what has been no more shall be

       Thy well known form, thy welcome tread

       Will come no more to comfort me.

 LUDLAM. Here Lyes ye Body of Mr. Anthony Ludlam who Decd. Decembr ye 21st, 1723. Aged 53 years.

 -Here lyeth the body of Anthony Ludlam who dyed March the 17th Anno 1681-2 in the 31st year of his age.

 -Here Lyeth The Body of Patience Ludlam wife Of Mr. Anthony Ludlam Who Dyed October ye 11th anno 1708 in ye 31 year of her Age.


LUDLOW. In memory of Captain Anthony Ludlow who died Nov.12th, 1843. Ae. 62.

       The winter of troubles is past

       The storms of affliction are o'er

       His struggles are ended at last

       And sorrow & Death are no more.

 -Augustus Ludlow 1828-1908.

 -M. Eugenie Ludlow 1829-19--

 -Fanney H. Wife of Chas. A. Ludlow 1822-1906.

 -Charles A. Ludlow died April 27, 1892. Ae. 74 y's & 7 mo. & 24 ds.


MITCHELL. Here Lyes the Body of Mrs. Sarah Mitchell Wife to Mr. John Mitchell Who Decd December 6th 1718. Aged 58 Years.

 -Here Lyes Ye Body of John Mitchell Aged 57 Years. Deed March ye 13th, 1717.

 -Here lies Burrd the Body of Phebe Mitchell Wife to John Mitchell Who Decd Dembr ye 15th, 1729. Aged 42 yrs.


NUTON. Here lyeth the body of Benoni Nuton deceased March the 4th, 1703-4 in the 54th year of his age.

 -Isaac Nuton was born May 20th, 1678 and dyed March the 20th, 1703-4 in the 26th year of his age.

 -Joannah Nuton wife of Benoni Nuton dyed May..... 1710 in the .....year of her age.

 -Johanna Nuton was born May the 28, 1681 and dyed January the 29th, 1703-4 in the 23 year of her age.


REEVES. In memory of Phebe Reeves who departed this life Feb. 10, 1828. Ae. 74.


SANDFORD. Julia W. Sandford Born Oct. 8, 1823. Died Oct. 8, 1883.

 -Here lyes buried the body of Mrs. Elizabeth Sandford wife to Mr. Ezekiel Sandford decd April ye 26th, 1738 in ye 58 year of her age.

 -Sally widow of James Sandford died Feb. 10, 1860. Ae. 71 y's & 3 mo.

 -In memory of Ezekiel Sandford who died Aug. 28, 1811. Ae. 57.

 -James Sandford died Dec. 31, 1858. Ae. 79 ys. & 3 mo.


SAYRE. In memory of Cap. Daniel Say who died May ye 11th A. D. 1748 in ye 83d Year of his age.


Page 330


-Here Lieth ye Body of Mrs. Sarah ye wife of Daniel Sayre Esq. who died May ye 15, 1735 in ye 67th year of her Age.


SPRAGUE. Martha C. Sprague died Jan. 30th, 1871. Ae. 89 yrs.


STARR. In memory of Mrs. Mary Starr Wife of Capt. Jared Starr and Daughr. of Mr. Elias Cook who died Sept 27, 1772. Aged 27 Years.



 In a list of some of the above epitaphs printed in the "Bridgehampton News" of Dec. 4th, 1915, this one is given as follows:

        "In memory of Ann, daughter of Paul Halsey, who died Nov. 28, 1798, aged 16 years."

         The same authority gives Jerusha's death "in the 2d year of her age."