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James Truslow Adams, Memorials of Old Bridgehampton (1916), pp. 314-325


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page 314


BARRON. In memory of Mr. Andrew Barron who died March 14, 1782 in the 56th Year of his Age.

 --In memory of Sarah Relict of Andrew Barron who died October 27, 1805 in the 74 Year of her Age.

BROWNE. In memory of Mrs. Susanna Browne wife of the Revd. Mr. James Browne who Departed this Life August 19th, A. D. 1751. Aged 23 Years 3 mo. & 15 ds.

        She died in Jesus and is Blest

        To Heavenly Bliss She's gon to Rest

        From Labour, Sorrow Toil and Pain

        Where Grace is Glory Doth Remain. Revel. XIV, XIII.

 Here lies the body of Margaret Susanna Browne daur. of the Rev. James & Mrs. Sarah Browne died Octr. 31st, 1753. Aged 7 months & 21 ds.

CUFFEE. Died Feb. 12, 1854. Elizabeth Cuffee. Ae. 35.

CULLUM. Elizabeth daughr. of Richard & Mary A. Cullum died Feb. 17, 1854. Ae. 7 ys. 10 mo.

        Suffer little children to come unto me.

DUTCHER. Sammie C. son of Cornelius & Hannah Dutcher died May 15, 1862. Ae. 2 ys. 5 mo.

        We lay thee in the silent tomb

        Sweet blossom of a day

        We just began to see thy bloom

        When thou art called away.

EDWARDS. Thaddeus S. Edwards. 1853-1884.

-Mary E. Edwards. 1856-1910.

- Ralph infant son of Thaddeus S. and Mary E. Edwards died 1883.

 HAINES. In memory of Frances daughr. of Daniel H. & Esther Haines who died March . 6, 1818. Aged 2ys. 6 mo. & 21 ds.

-In memory of Esther wife of Daniel H. Haines who died Jan. 25, 1846. Ae. 56.

HAINS. Lemuel Hains died Apl. 15, 1856. Ae. 89.

-In memory of Mary wife of Lemuel Hains who died Dec. 22, 1839. Aged 70 years.

-In memory of Samuel Hains who died August 24, 1830. Aged 29.


Page 315


HAYNES. Aunt Phebe widow of Daniel H. Haynes died April 29, 1885. Ae. 90 ys. 7 mos & 22 dys.

        Dear Saviour take me home to rest.

-Daniel H. Haynes born Aug. 3d, 1788; died Sept. 17th, 1865. E. 77 ys.

        Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

-In memory of Betsey Haynes who died Sept. 18, 1848. Ae. 43.

HALSEY. In memory of Tabitha wife of Jesse Halsey who died Sept. 26, 1801 in the 32nd Year of her Age.

HAND. In memory of Mrs. Abigail Hand wife of Mr. John Hand, Jnr., who departed this Life Deer. 2nd, 1781 in the 20th Year of her Age.

HAVENS. Joanna P. Havens Born Nov. 6, 1822. Died May 29, 1906

HEDGES. Sacred to the Memory of Mrs. Phebe Hedges Wife of Deac. David Hedges who died Jan. 22, 1796. Aged 55 Years.  (Verse illegible.)

-Footstone. Mr. Stephen Hedges. Headstone gone.

 -In memory of Daniel Hedges who died June 11th, 1734 in ye 58 year of his Age.

-In memory of Daniel Hedges who died April 12th, 1766 in the 58th Year of his Age.

-In memory of Sarah the Wife of Daniel Hedges who died Deer. 3d, 1765 in ye 54th Year of her Age.

 -Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Charity Hedges, Wife of Deacn. David Hedges who departed this life Oct. 25th, 1791. Aged 43 Years & 11 months.

        Dear partner of my life

        And children whom I've loved

        Remember dying strife

        Which you have yet to prove.

        Come learn the Heavenly art

         Improve the hours you have

        Come act the wiser part

         And live beyond the grave.

-In memory of Daniel Hedges who died Nov. 26th, 1797 in the 64th Year of his Age.

-In memory of Sarah wife of Daniel Hedges who died Sept. 30, 1773 in the 41 Year of her Age.

-Daniel H. Hedges Son of Deacn. David & Mrs. Charity Hedges died March 21st, 1780 in the 7th Year of his Age.

-In memory of Col. Jonathan Hedges who died June 3, 1804 in the 80 year of his age.

-In memory of Mrs. Phebe Hedges wife of Col. Jonathan Hedges who died June 1774 in the 52 year of her age.

-In memory of Mrs. Abigail Hedges Relict of Mr. Daniel Hedges who died Nov. 1, 1773. Aged 92.

-Infant Daughter of Edwin & Nancy K. Hedges died March 13, 1844.

 -Jeremiah O. son of Jeremiah O. & Eliza Hedges died May 1, 1849. Ae. 1 yr. 9 mo.


Page 316


-My flesh shall rest in hope. In memory of Zephaniah Hedges who died Sept. 16, 1847. Aged 78 Years.

-He was by occupation a Farmer. Of stern justice as a man. Consistent and uncompromising as a Christian. Diligent in business, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord.

--In memory of Phebe P. widow of Zephaniah Hedges born Oct 15, 1781 died March 12, 1864.

--In memory of Esther Widow of David Hedges Esq. who died Sept. 10, 1825. Ae. 61.

        Weep not for me but for yourselves & for your children.

-Our dear Mother. Phebe Dayton 1st wife of Stephen Hedges Jun. Died March 7th, 1815. Ae. 50 ys.

Stephen Hedges Jun. Died Oct. 5th, 1826. Ae. 60 yrs.

Elizabeth Redfield 2nd wife of Stephen Hedges Jun. Died Aug. 15th, 1846. Ae. 70 yrs.

-In memory of David Hedges, Esq., who was nearly fifty years Deacon of the Presbyterian Church in this place and was frequently intrusted with various important offices both in Church and State the duties of which he discharged with ability and acceptance. He was a man of strong mental powers, distinguished Christian gifts and eminent usefulness. He died Nov. 8, 1817. Aged 73 years.

 -In memory of James M. Hedges, son of Wilkes & Mary Hedges who died Dec. 25, 1828. Ae. 15.

-In memory of Mary M. Hedges daughr. of Wilkes & MaryHedges who died Oct. 18, 1827. Ae. 21.

        Here weep the Parents, Sister and the Brothers

        Here all who knew, loved and lament.

-Prov. x. 7. Levi Hedges, Esq., Born Nov. 28, 1791. Died Nov. 28, 1874.

-Elmira C. widow of Levi Hedges, Esq. Born April 1, 1794. Died Aug. 18, 1877.

        She hath done what she could. Mark 14.8.

 HEGES. In memory of Mrs. Matse Heges wife of Mr. Nathan Heges and daughr. of Mr. John Cook who died July 18th, 1778 in the 22 year of her age.

 HILL. James Hill born Nov. 17, 1844 died April 2, 1910.

 HOWELL. Here lyes buried the body of Mr. Matthew. Howell died Jan. ye 20th, 1733/4 in ye 25th Year of his age.

- Abraham Howell Died March ye 18, 1742 In ye 60 year of his Age.

        Sudden and aw full was ye stroke

        By which he was Removed

        Unto the full Fruition of

        The God he served and loved.

-In memory of Sarah Wife of Elihu Howell who died Deer 30th, 1801 in the 33d year of her age.

-Here lyes buried the body of Theopholous Howell, Esq., aged 77 years deed. March ye 12th, 1739.

 -Here lies buried ye body of Mrs. Abigail Howell wife of 


Page 317


Theophilus Howell, Esq. who dies October 24tg in the 78th Year of Age.

-In memory of Ruth wife of Elihu Howell who died April 30, 1811. Ae. 47.

-Died May 5, 1833  Mary Jane daughr. of Edward & Bathsheba Howell. Ae. 4 ys.

 -In memory of Septimeus son of Elihu & Ruth Howell who died Sept 4, 1829. Ae. 26.

-In memory of Sarah wife of Elias Howell who died Sept. 17, 1810 aged 36 years

        Calm and serene she yields her mortal breath

        In hope of bliss she triumphs over death.

-In memory of Elihu Howell who died July 20, 1831. Ae. 67.

-Died June 2, 1851. Eunice widow of Elihu Howell. Ae. 86.

HOWILL. Philip Howill son of Abraham & Mary Howill aged about 4 years, dyed Jany ye 3d, 1716.

LUDLOW. Died Nov. 21, 1801. Eliza daugh. of Abraham & Phebe Ludlow. Ae. 5 yrs. 9 mo.

-Died April 12, 1821 Rebecca M. Ludlow Ae. 19.

        Death --------

NORRIS - Here lyeth the body of Hannah Norris the wife of Robert Norris who died January the 13, 1730 in the 77th Year of her age.


PIERSON. Here lyeth the body of John Peirson who was born November the last Anno 1685 and deceased January the 15th Anno 1704. Aetatis sua 20.

 -Here lyeth the body of Esther Peirson wife of Mr. David Peirson who dyed November the 22 Anno 1711 in the 27 Year of her age.

-Here was layed the body of Mary Peirson wife of Mr. David Peirson who deceased September the first Anno 1711. Ae .... 55.

-In memory of Corcelia Ann daughter of Theophilus T. & Hannah Peirson who died Sept. 1, 1819 aged 2 years & 28 days.

-In memory of Hiram son of Wm. & Elizabeth Peirson who died Sept. 7, 1805. Aged 1 year & 4 mo.

-In memory of Samuel D. Peirson who died May 14, 1818 in the 32d Year of his age.

-In memory of Mrs. Hannah Wife of Mr. Job Peirson who died March 13, 1777 in the 73rd Year of her Age.

 -In memory of Job Peirson Esq who departed this life Feb. 28th, 1788. Aged 91 years.

 -Here lies the body of Mr. Theodor Peirson who departed this life May 7th Anno Dominy 1726. Aged 57 Years.

-In memory of Sarah Wife of Lemuel Peirson who died July 23 A. D. 1771. Aged 25 years 1 mo & 8 days.

-Laurannah Daughter of Capt. David & Mrs. Elisabeth Peirson died May 23d A. D. 1775 in the 8 Year of her age.

-Sarah Daughter of Capt. David & Mrs. Elisabeth Peirson died July 7, 1775 in the 2d Year of her Age.

 Here lyeth ye body of Mrs. Susannah Peirson the wife of Coll. Henry Peirson who dyed November the 4th Anno 1716.


Page 318


-Still Born Son of Mr. Lemuel & Mrs. Elisabeth Peirson Sept. 3d 1764.

-Elisabeth Daughter of Mr. Lemuel & Mrs. Elisabeth Peirson who died April 11th, 1764 in the 7th year of her age.

-Keturah Peirson died Oct. 17th A. D. 1753 in the 19th Year of her age.

-Isack the son of Lemuel & Mrs. Elisabeth Peirson died Febry. the 12th, 1757. Aged 3 days.

-Henry the son of Mr. Lemuel & Mrs. Elisabeth Peirson died Octobr. the 9th 1760. In the 3d yeare of his age.

-Coll. Henry Peirson desesed November the 15 in the 50 yeare of his age 1701.

 -In memory of Mrs. Martha the wife of Mr. Lemuel Peirson who died Augst. the 26th 1753 in the 38th year of her age.

         My sun is Set, My Glass is Run

         My Candles Out, My Work is Done.

-Here lies ye body Jerusha Wife of Nathan Pierson who died September ye 12th, 1757 aged 32 years.

-In memory of Elizabeth Wife of Capt. Wm. Peirson who died Nov. 12, 1814 in the 52 year of her age.

-Nancy daughr. of Hervey & Nancy Pierson died Oct. 1, 1826. Ae. 14.

-Nancy Wife of Hervey Pierson die April 14 1813. Ae 28.

-Isaac Hunting son of Samuel H. & Mary Pierson died Feb. 27 1816. Ae. 3 mo. -In memory of Jerusha Wife of Samuel Peirson who died Oct. 4, 1821 in her 63 year.

-In memory of Samuel Peirson who died Oct. 6, 1838. Ae. 86

-William T. Son of Alfred & Betsey Pierson died May 3, 1836. Ae. 1 yr. 6 mo. 3 ds.

         Sweet little cherub forced to yield

         And bow to conquering death

         The sentence could not be repealed.

Phebe T. Pierson daughr. of Alfred & Betsey Pierson died March 17, 1823. Ae. 4 ys. 3 mo. 26 ds.

         So shall thy infant frame in dust repose

         Till the glad morn awake thy opening eyes

         When death-like slumber shall forever close

         And angels wing thee to the skies

-Martha Stewart widow of Capt. William Pierson died Jan. 12, 1844. Ae. 76 ys.

-In memory of Capt. William Peirson who died July 17, 1825. Ae. 63.

In memory of Lemuel Peirson who died April 14, 1819. Ae. 92.

-In memory of Elizabeth Wife of Lemuel Peirson who died May 20, 1821. Ae. 96.

 -Our Mother. Betsey D. widow of Alfred Pierson died June 3, 1874. Ae. 80 ys. & 3 mo.

        My hope is in thee.


Page 319


-In memory of Alfred Peirson who died Sept. 4, 1848. Ae. 54 ys. 11 mo. 21 ds.

        Behold he taketh away. Who can hinder him

        Who will say unto him, What doest thou. Job. IX 12.

-Frances J. Daughter of Jesse & Eliza Pierson died Dec. 23, 1809. Ae. 17 mo. & 4 dys.

 -In memory of Abigail wife of Nathan Pierson who died Nov. 18, 1782 in the 51 year of her age.

 -Robert S. Pierson died July 19, 1857. Ae. 47.

          All, All is peace and joy divine

         And Heaven and glory now are thine.

-James M. Pierson died Dec. 15, 1859. Ae. 46.

        Affliction sore long time I bore.

 -Elizabeth widow of Jesse Pierson died Feb. 8, 1861. Ae. 77.

        Be ye humble rest your hopes above

        Sincerely seek your Saviour's love.

-Marietta Pierson died July 19th, 1864. Ae. 47 yrs.

        They who sleep in Christ in Christ shall live

        And waking join the Assembly of the just.

-Shaft W. Side. David Pierson born Apr. 14, 1801 died Oct. 14, 1871.

        Blessed are the pure in heart

Susana widow of David Pierson died June 20th, 1881. Ae. 53 yrs.

 S. Side. David E. Pierson born Feb. 17th, 1867 died Feb. 16th, 1888.

-In memory of Susannah Wife of Capt. David Pierson who died March 17, 1816. Ae. 64.

        Make the extended skies your tomb

        Let stars record your worth

        Yet know vain mortals all must die

        As nature's sickliest birth.

-In memory of Capt. David Pierson who died Feb. 15, 1829. Ae. 78.

       He was distinguished for strong mental power firmness of char acter & strict integrity.

 -Jesse Pierson died Jan. 27, 1840. Ae. 60

        Religion bore his spirits up

        He served a faithful God

        The sure foundation of his hope

        Was in a Saviour's blood.

-In memory of George W. Pierson who died July 10, 1840. Aged 37 years.

        Let weeping virtue mourn around thy tomb

        And early friendship wail thine early doom

        Yet worth like thine sustains no rude decay

        Tho time should sweep these sculptured lines away.

 -An infant Daughter of Silas & Betsey Peirson dec June 16, 1821. Aged 6 wks.


Page 320


-Benjamin Franklin son of Lemuel & Mary C. Pierson died March 11, 1817. Ae. 15 ys.

 Henry son of Lemuel & Mary C. Pierson died Jan. 2, 1799. Ae. 6 ys. & 5 mo.

 Henry Allen son of Lemuel & Mary C. Pierson died June 27, 1802. Ae. 2 ys. & 5 mo.

 -In memory of Nathan Peirson who died Feb. 5, 1810 in the 88 year of his age.

 -In memory of Nathnl. Pierson who died Oct. 6, 1847. Ae. 52.

        For me to live is Christ & to die is gain

-Daniel H. son of John & Hannah Pierson died Aug. 16, 1805. Ae. 4 yrs. 7 mo. 27 dys.

-In memory of Theodore Pierson son of Caleb & Damaris Pierson who died Oct. 31, 1820 in the 30 year of his age.

-Susan Pierson born Oct. 6, 1809 died Sept. 15, 1877.

-Hannah Wife of John Pierson Died June 16, 1853. Ae. 81.

        Her childrens last tribute. Farewell we soon shall follow.

- John Pierson died Aug. 11, 1853. Ae. 81.

        Yet in my flesh shall I see God.

- In memory of Caleb Pierson who died July 23, 1834. Ae. 70.

        O in an hour when we thought not

        Death bore him fast away

        To brighten worlds of happiness

        And everlasting day.

-In memory of Damaris wife of Caleb Pierson who died Feb. 5, 1833 in the 66 year of her age.

 -Silas Augustus Son of Silas & Betsey Pierson died Feb. 28, 1832. Ae. 5 yrs.

-Hiram Son of Silas & Betsy Pierson Died Oct. 29, 1833. Ae. 15 ys. 10 mos.

        My friends who like to mourn and weep

        Behold the grave wherein I sleep

        Prepare for death for your must die

        And be entomb'd as well as I

        Youth stay thy glee, turn hence thine eye

        Learn how to live know you must die

        Age mark me well how thin the thread

        One moment and the grave's thy bed.

-Sarah Elizabeth daughr. of Silas & Betsey Pierson Died Nov. 19, 1834. Ae. 5 yrs. 9 mo.

 -Silas Pierson Died July 26 1860. Ae. 72 ys.

        He rests in hope of a blessed immortality.

-Betsey widow of Silas Pierson Died June 13th, 1864. Ae. 68 yrs. She sleeps in Jesus.

 -Mr. Lemuel Pierson Died Nov. 18, 1821. Aged 78 Years.

He was many years an Elder in the Presbyterian Church in this place & adorned his profession by a life of exemplary piety.

 -Mrs. Mary wife of Mr. Lemuel Pierson & Daughter of Mr. Jones Clay of Chatham, Conn, was married to Mr. Pierson of this place in Sept. 1787 & died March 1,  1821 irt the 62 year of her age.


Page 321


PETTY. Here lyes the body of Edward Petty who departed this life May the 11th, 1704 in the 47 year

ROGERS. Mabel F. Daughter of Alfred & Alice Rogers died Oct. 5, 1887. Ae. 1 yr. 7 mo. & 11 ds.

-Infant son died Aug. 9, 1887.

        Safe in the Arms of Jesus.

-Flora E. Daughter of Alfred & Alice Rogers died Feb. 5, 1892. Ae. 2 ys. 4 mo. & 22 ds.

 Infant son died Nov. 21, 1893.

        Sheltered and safe from sorrow.

-Josiah Rogers died Jan. 26, 1899. Ae. 83 ys. & 4 ms.

 -Elizabeth C. Pierson His wife died Jan. 20, 1911. Ae. 86 yrs.11 mos. & 19 dys.

--Ada Daughr. of Josiah & Elizabeth C. Rogers died Oct. 25, 1861. Ae. 7 yrs. 7 mos. 20 ds.

        We loved her

-Harriet Elizabeth daugh. of Josiah & Elizabeth C. Rogers died Nov. 4, 1850. Ae. 21 ds.

 RUSCO. Here was layed ye body of Mr. Nathaniel Rusco who dyed August the 21 Anno 1714 in the 67 Year of his age.

RUSSEL. In memory of Job son of John & Rebeccah Russel May 7, 1748. Aged 22 days.

-In memory of Mrs. Rebeccah Russel wife of John Russel \ who Departed this Life Septembr. 19th A. D. 1751. Aged 30 Years wanting 15 days.

        Peace and Kindness her mind Inspired

        Which made her Life by all Desired

        But Death our Pleasing Hopes did Cross

        And we with Grief Lament our Loss.

 -Phebe Dau. of John & Esther Russel aged 2 ys. 11 months & 25 Ds. Died April ye 2, 1756.


-Mary Daugh. of John & Rebeccah Russel Aged 3 years & 3 mos. Died Aug. ye 8th, 1749.

SEABURY. Julia A. widow of Samuel A. Seabury died March 22, 1873. Ae. 83 yrs.

        Be ye also ready for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.

STANBROUGH. Mr. Peregrine Stanbrough D. C. in ye Parish departed this life January the 4th 1701 in 62 Year of Age.

-Here lyeth ye Body of Mrs. Eunice Stanbrough who departed life November the 14th, 1701 in the 48th Year of her Age.

STRONG. Charity H. daughr. of Jesse & Eliza Strong died Oct. 4, 1827. Ae. 1 yr. 7 mo.

TOPPING. Here lies ye Body of Mrs. Mehetabel ye Wife of Decn. Josiah Topping who died April ye 28th, 1732 in age 37 Years.

 -Here lies ye Body of Captin Elnathan Topping who departed this life March the 26 Anno Domini 1705. Aged 64 Years.

 -Here lieth the body of John Topping, Justice of the Peace Aged fifty years Who departed this life in the 29 day of May in the Year 1686.


Page 322


-Here lies interd ye Body of Capt. Stephen Topping who died April 29, 1746 in ye 67 Year of his age.

 -Here Lies ye Body of Mrs. Hannah ye wife of Capt. Step'n. Topping who died Janry. 8th, 1726 in ye 42 year of her age.

--Here lies ye body of Mary Topping the wife of Elnathan Topping who departed this life April the 26 anno domini 1704. Aged 60 years.

--Here lies all that was mortal of David Topping A man of many virtues few foibles good talents & no vices in 1834 at the age of 86 nature exhausted gave way. He sleeps the sleep of death. This tablet is erected to his memory by a son who loved him, who venerated his virtues - his affection was reciprocated by an indulgent Parent.

-Died March 17, 1787. Bathsheba daughr. of David & Rebecca Topping. Ae. 4 ys. 6 mo.

-Nathaniel Topping M. D. died Feb. 25, 1871. Ae. 80 ys.

-Died on the 15 Sept. 1848. Mary S. wife of Doct. Nathaniel Topping. Ae. 44.

        Her presence was our light and joy,

        The blessing of our store:

        But ah! that source of joy is gone,

        That light can shine no more.

-In memory of Betsey M. Wife of Doct. Nathaniel Topping who died Oct. 21, 1833. Ae. 36.

        The wintry blasts of Death

        Kill .........

-In memory of Jane Relict of David Topping who died July 23, 1798. Ae. 80.

In memory of David Topping who died Dec. 16, 1796. Ae. 80.

-In memory of Phebe wife of David Topping who died June 24 1759. Ae. 42.

-Smith S. Topping died July 31, 1858. Ae. 77.

        On earth no more Life's duties to fulfill

        I sleep in dust an wait the Almighty's will.

-In memory of Jane Relict of Mathew Topping who died Dec. 7, 1839 in the 81 year of her Age.

        Receive O earth this faded form

        In thy cold bosom let it lie

        Safe let it rest from every storm

        Soon must it rise no more to die.

-Orlando S. son of Doct. Nathaniel & Betsey Topping died Nov. 23, 1823. Ae. 8 months.

        Fondly we hoped, how vain that hope appears;

        Our smiling boy would live for days to come.

-Orland S. son of Doct. Nathaniel & Betsey Topping died Sept. 27, 1826. Ae. 11 mo.

        So fades the lovely blooming flower.


Page 323


-In memory of Matthew Topping who died Sept. 5, 1837 in the 85 year of his age,

        This modest stone, what few vain marbles can

        May truly say here lies an honest man.

-In memory of Clarissa Daughter of Mathew & Jane Topping who died Dec. 27, 1829. Ae. 33.

        How many hopes were borne upon thy bier.

 -This erected to the memory of Rebecca Topping Wife of David Topping. As a wife, mother and friend her virtues shone conspicuous, fulfilling the several stations which nature assigned her, with pleasing affection and consciousness of rectitude. In 1835 6 months & 26 days after her husband at the Age of 80 she followed him in death.

-Gardiner B. Topping 1800-1891.

 Mary H. Topping 1829-1904.

 -Adelaide Daughter of Gardiner B. & Mary H. Topping Died April 17, 1860. Ae. 1 yr. 7 mo. 17 ds.

        We laid her here with many a sigh

        And felt when all was oer

        Our home had one bright angel less

        And Heaven one angel more.

 -David H. Topping Born March 6th, 1824. Received a certificate as counselor at law July 1844. Died at Pilatka, Florida, February 17th, 1856.

--Charity H. wife of Rensselaer Topping Died Feb. 24, 1863. Ae. 64 yrs.

-Rensselaer Topping Esq. Died ----

-Sidney Topping 1829-1900.

--In memory of Marcus Mulford son of Rensselaer & Charity Topping who died Oct. 12, 1836.

        Here lies a young cherub days & three years

        Passes over his head disappears.

        He came but to see the first act of the play.

        Did not like the scene & soon passed away

        Would you know where this blossom, this cherub has hied

        Go seek him in Heaven for there he'll abide.

-John J. Topping Died Feb. 20, 1892. Ae. 50 ys. & 11 mos.

Children of John J. & Carrie H. Topping.

Kittie H. Died Jan. 23, 1882. Ae. 13 ys. & 5 mo.

 Robert W. Died Jan. 24, 1882. Ae. 3 ys. & 5 mo.

-Anna widow of Nathaniel Topping M. D. and daughter of Col. Isaac C. Welles born at Ellington, Ct. died Jan. 27, 1878. Ae 87 yrs.

WHITE.  In memory of Deacn Elnathan White who departed this life June 5th, 1773 in the 79th year of his age.

 -In memory of Silas White who died August 2, 1815. Ae. 67.

-In memory of Elnathan son of John & Eunice White who died Jan. 13, 1812 in the 20 year of his age. Verse illegible.


Page 324


-In memory of Mary wife of Silas White who died Octr. 25,1809 in the 68 year of her age.

        Why do you mourn departing friends

        Or shake at death's alarms

        Tis but the voice that Jesus sends

        To all those in his arms.

 -Here lies Bury ye Body of Mrs. Hannah ye Wife of ye Revd. Mr. Ebenezer White who died July 23, 1748 in her 64 Year.

--Here lies Buried ye Body of Mrs. Mehettabel White who died Deer, ye 21st, 1742 in ye 66th Year of her Age.

--Here Lies Inted. ye Body of Mr. Silas White who died Aug. ye 29, 1742 in ye 33 Year, of his Age.

 --Here lies ye Body of Mr. Henry White Student of Yale College who died May 4th, 1748 in his 23d Year.

 --In memory of the Reverd. Mr. Ebenezer White, Pastor of the Church of Christ in Bridge Hampton who died Feby. 4th A. D. 756 in ye 84th Year of his Age.

--In memory of Silas P. son of Ebenezer & Joanna White who died March 23, 1816. Ae. 18 mo. & 23 ds.

--In memory of Eunice wife of John White who died April 17, 1813. Ae. 45.

        Behold and see as you pass by

        As you are now so once was I

        As I am now you soon must be

        Prepare for death and follow me.

-In memory of Ebenezer White Esq. who died Feb. 11th, 1802 in the 80th year of his age.

       He was a Pillar in the Church of God universally benevolent and humane to the world, a tried Patriot in defence of liberty & the equal rights of man.

 -Prudence Relict of Silas White died Dec. 31, 1829. Ae. 69.

-In memory of John White who died Nov. 11, 1838. In the 79 year of his age.

        Sleep on dear friend in this thy tomb

        God said t'was best to call the home.

-In memory of George L. son of John & Sophia White who died Nov. 1, 1825. Aged 8 years.

-Esther A. wife of Alonzo White Died April 7, 1870. Ae. 49 ys. 11 mo. & 3 ds.

        Dearest Mother thou hast left us

        Yet we know thou art at rest;

        And may we in Glory greet thee

        Singing praises with the blest.

-Alonzo White Died Jan. 5th, 1865. Ae. 54 ys. 9 mos.

         Dearest Father thou hast left us

        And thy loss we deeply feel

        But the God that has bereft us

        He can all our sorrows heal.


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-In memory of Silas H. White who died Sept. 26, 1849. Ae. 23 ys. 9 mo.

       O death where is thy sting, O grave where is thy victory. Thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

-Mary H. Wife of Ebenezer White Died Aug. 21, 1841. Ae. 49 yrs.

     Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord, yea saith the Spirit that they may rest from their labors and their works do follow them.

-Ebenezer White Died Jan. 7, 1855. Ae. 73.

-Polly White Died Sept. 27, 1858. Ae. 79.

 -In memory of Joanna wife of Ebenezer White who died Dec.19, 1822. Ae. 42 ys. & 9 mo.

 Mary P. White daughter of Ebenezer & Joanna White died Oct. 17, 1819. Ae. 2 months & 7 days.

WILMOTT. Here Lyes Ye body of Alecksaner Wilmott who departed this life September the 18, 1720. Aged 48 Years.

-Here lyeth ye body of Sarah Wilmot wife of Alexander Wilmot decesed June the 16, 1700 in the 26 ...