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James Truslow Adams, Memorials of Old Bridgehampton (1916), pp. 330-336


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page 330


ALLAIRE. Cornelia wife of Andrew B. Allaire Died Jan. 19, 1859. Ae. 71.

        I would not live alway, I ask not to stay

       Where storm after storm rises dark o'er the way

        I would not live alway thus fettered by sin

       Temptation without and coruption within.

ALLEN. To the memory of William Oscar Son of Joseph & Eliza H. Allen Born in N. Y. City Nov. 2, 1843. Died in Harlem, N. Y. Oct. 16, 1859. Aged 16 years 11 months and 14 days.

 -To the memory of Eliza H. wife of Joseph Allen and daughter of Abraham R. & Sarah B. Mott. Born in Bridgehampton July 11, 1816. Died in Harlem, N. Y. Feb. 2, 1860. Aged 43 years 6 months and 22 days.

         Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,

         I will fear no evil for thou art with me thy rod and thy staff

          comfort me. Psalms, Chap. XXIII, Verse 4.

 ANDERSON. Elizabeth Anderson. Died 1906. Ae. 45 yrs.

BURNETT. Died Feb. 18, 1884. Sophronia H. Burnett ae 74 yrs. 6 mos.

         There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God.

COLEMAN. Almira wife of Hiram Coleman Died Jan. 26, 1862. Ae. 66 yrs.

EDWARDS. Hannah R. Wife of Reuben A. Edwards Died April 28, 1901. Ae. 63 yrs. At rest.

-Reuben A. Edwards Died July 24, 1906. Ae. 73 ys. At rest.

 -Lewis S. Edwards Died Nov. 29, 1859. Ae. 51 yrs. 5 mo.

-Lewis M. son of Lewis S. & Emeline Edwards Died Oct. 22, 1864. Ae. 18 ys. & 3 mo.

-Emeline widow of Lewis Edwards Died April 4, 1872. Ae. 62 ys. At rest.

ELDREDGE. In memory of Hannah wife of Deac. Abner Eldredge who died Dec. 28, 1831. Ae. 61.


Page 331


FITHEAN. Aaron Fithean Died Aug. 16, 1867. Ac 63 ys. 7 mos.

   Also Betsey C. his wife Died Jan. 15, 1888. Ae. 73 ys. 3 mo.

        The Lord is my shepherd.

HALSEY. Hugh B. son of Capt. Edward & Lucy S. Halsey died Oct. 1, 1865. Ae. 4 ys. 9 mos.

         He has done with things of earth

         Ere he knew of grief or care

         Ere he felt the taint of sin

         Sought Heaven's purer air.

-Lucy S. Wife of Capt. Edward Halsey Died Oct. 14, 1865. Ae. 46 yrs.

        The Lord is my strength.

-In memory of Jonathan Halsey who departed this life June 13, 1819. Ae. 32.

HAND. Mary widow of Silas Hand died Feb. 27, 1857. Ae. 85.

        There is rest in Heaven.

-Capt. Silas Hand an officer on board the privateer Schuyler in 1787. 1764-1818.

-Betsy widow of Sylvanus Hand died July 2nd, 1872. Ae. 76.

        Life's labor done, she resteth well.

-Sylvanus Hand died March 11, 1858. Ae. 67.

        He shall return no more to his house neither shall his place know him anymore. - Job. VII 10.

-In memory of Nathan S. Hand who died Sept. 13, 1845. Ae. 27.

         I would not live always, no, blest is the tomb .

        Since Jesus has died, I will welcome its gloom:

        There sweet be my rest, till he bid me arise r

         To hail him in triumph descending the skies.

-Silas son of Silvanus & Betsy Hand died Nov. 29, 1827. Ae. 3 ys.

         Life is a span, a fleeting hour

         How soon the vapor flies

         Man is a tender, transient flower

         That e'en in blooming dies.

-Edwin G. Hand Capt. Co. B 11th N. Y. Cav. Born Apr. 20, 1833 died Jan. 27, 1865. Shaft, W. Side.

-Children of Theron & Sarah T. Hand.

    Solon C. born Feb. 27, 1823 died Jan. 25, 1832.

    S. Side. William L. born Dec. 8, 1827 died Sept. 3, 1828.

    Adaline A. born Aug. 3, 1839 died Apl. 5, 1841.

-Capt. David Hand, a soldier of the Revolution 1730-1802.

 -In memory of Zerviah Wife of David Hand who died Sept. 19, 1801 in the 69th year of her age.

 HEDGES. In memory of Jared Hedges died Nov. 7th, 1862. Ae. 92 yrs. 7 mos.


Page 332


-In memory of Ruth O. N. widow of Jared Hedges died June 30th, 1867. Ae. 85 yrs.

        The heart of her husband did safely trust in her and her children rise up to bless her memory.

- Little Carrie. Ae. 5 days.

-Charity H. Fithian wife of Charles D. Hedges 1836-1909.

 -Edward G. Hedges died May 2, 1884. Ae. 21 ys. & 9 mo.

         At rest.

-Charles O. Hedges, 1823-1881.

--Robert H. Hedges died May 23, 1892. Ae. 83 yrs. 4 mo. & 5 ds.

--Phebe P. wife of Robert H. Hedges died March 15, 1883. Ae. 66 ys.

-Helen A. Hedges died March 13, 1906. Ae. 66 yrs & 4 mos. '

-Charles O. Hedges died Feb. 13, 1902. Ae. 43 ys.

--Martha J. Elliston wife of Charles O. Hedges 1863-1908.

HILDRETH. Solon H. Hildreth Died April 6, 1900. Ae. 67 ys. & 7 mo.

        He giveth his beloved sleep

-Phebe E. Wife of Solon H. Hildreth Died Oct. 28, 1897. Ae. 56 y*s. Home at last

HOWELL. Stephen Howell died Jan. 7, 1828. Ae. 69.

        Blessed is the man that maketh the Lord his trust.

Zipporah widow of Stephen Howell died Jan. 2, 1857. Ae. 92.

        There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God.

Shaft W. Side. Daniel V. Howell 1817-1859.

-Marietta C. wife of Dan'l V. Howell 1823-1903.

S. Side. J. Herbert 1846-1847.

Fanny H. 1853-1854.

Infant 1856-1856.

Ida P. 1857-1862.

Daniel D. 1859-1862.

Children of Daniel V. & Marietta C. Howell.

Double Stone. Betsey Daughter of Stephen & Zipporah Howell died Septr. 13th, 1794. Aged 4 years 3 months & 5 days.

Catherine Daughter of Nathan & Hannah Peirson died Septr. 12th 1794. Aged 3 years 1 month & 12 days.

        Lie sleep sweet babes until we meet

         Within the gates of Zion street.

-Abigail Howell died Dec. 7, 1823. Ae. 67.

        Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth, yea saith the spirit, that they may rest from their labours & their works do follow them.

Shaft W. Side. Edward Howell born Apr. 2, 1826 died Jan. 20, 1905.

N. Side. Ellen C. daughter of Hervey & Sophia H. Howell died June 17, 1882. Ae. 59 ys. 7 mo. & 10 dys.

E. Side. Hervey Howell died Dec. 21, 1880. Ae. 84 ys. & 9 mo.

Sophia H. wife of Hervey Howell died July 23, 1870. Ae. 70 ys.


Page 333


KING. Jesse J. King Died Sept. 7, 1889. Ae. 35 ys. 3 mo. & 7 ds.

         Asleep in Jesus.

LEHMAN. Samuel Lehman Died Aug. 15, 1859. Ae. 17.

         Those that seek me early shall find me.

MANSIR. Isabel M. Edwards wife of Peter J. Mansir Died Jan. 22, 1888. Ae. 29 ys. Trust.

MOTT. Sarah B. widow of Abraham R. Mott died March 22, 1862. Ae. 80 yrs. 11 mo.

         All the days of my appointed time will I wait till my change come. 

-George D. Mott died May 16th, 1867. Ae. 54 yrs.

         Peace with God and all mankind

         In hopes of Heaven blest

         Sweet thoughts revealing in his mind

         He sunk away to rest.

-Susana daughr. of Abraham & Sarah B. Mott died at Harlem, N. Y. Jan. 29, 1848. Ae. 36.

         Happy spirit thou hast fled

         Where no grief can entrance find

         Lulled to rest the aching heart

         Soothed the anguish of the mind.

-Cynthia P. daughr. of Abraham & Sarah B. Mott died at Rockaway, N. J. Apl. 9, 1851. Ae. 32.

          Gently the passing spirit fled

          Sustained by grace divine

          O may such grace on us be shed

         And make our end like thine

-Abraham R. Mott died September 2, 1858. Ae. 79 ys.

        I have waited for thy Salvation O Lord.

-Clarissa A. daughter of A. R & Sarah B. Mott died November 19, 1858. Ae. 53 yrs.

         Farewell my widowed Mother, Sister and brothers dear

         Grieve not for me while sleeping in Christ my Saviour here.

MULFORD. Monument W. Side. Samuel Mulford born Oct. 30, 1826 died Feb. 2, 1905.

-Lydier Lester his wife born Apr. 5, 1828 died July 27, 1888.

E. Side. Children.

Elias Born Apr. 8, 1859 Died Sept. 20, 1859.

C. Matilda Born June 28, 1873 Died Aug. 28, 1876.

NORRIS. In memory of Abigail wife of John Norris who died Feb. 21, 1830. Ae. 77.

-In memory of John Norris who died Jan. 2, 1831. Ae. 81.

-In memory of Mercy Norris who died Aug. 2, 1839.

OSBORN. Capt. C. F. Osborn born Feb. 18, 1843 died Nov. 2, 1886

-Father & Mother Malines Osborn Born April 30, 1796 Died Oct. 1, 1865.

-Abigail S. widow of Malines Osborn Born June 17, 1806. Died April 6, 1886.

        There is a rest for the weary.


Page 334


PEIRSON. In memory of Mrs. Phebe Wife of Mr. Matthew Peirson who died Febry. 23rd A. D. 1782 in the 53rd Year of her age.

-In memory of Mr. Matthew Peirson who died Octr. 17th, 1798 in the 74th year of his age.

--In memory of Mr. Silvanus Peirson who died August 23d 1795 in the 71st year of his age.

--In memory of Timothy Peirson who died April 26th, 1802 in the 72 year of his age.

--In memory of Mr. Josiah Peirson who died Novbr. 11th A. D. 1776 in the 82nd Year of his age.

-In memory of Mrs. Martha Wife of Mr. Josiah Peirson who died Septbr. 8th A. D. 1773 in the 74th Year of her Age.

PIERSON. In memory of Mrs. Rebecca Pierson Wife of Mr. Silvanus Pierson who died July 9th, 1785 in the 59th year of her age.

-Susan Pierson Aunt Susy Slept in Jesus Feb. 24, 1854. Ae. 76.

        Sustained by Divine Grace she bore with cheerfulness and patience her long illness for 52 years.

-John Pierson died July 26, 1833. Ae. 79.

-Mrs. Ruth Pierson wife of John Pierson died Jan. 14, 1837. Ae. 79.

Shaft W. Side. Lawrence £. Pierson born Aug. 23, 1822 died Dec. 23, 1867.

        The memory of the just is blessed.

S. Side. Eliza H. widow of Lawrence E. Pierson daughter of

Theron & Sarah Hand Born Jan. 14, 1825 Died Oct 25, 1869.

         She sleeps in Jesus, blessed sleep.

POST. Erected in memory of Nathan Post Esq. who was born May 14th, 1748 and died Oct. 3d 1803 aged 55 years.

He was a respectable Magistrate, a kind relation, a good Patriot and an honest man. The memory of the just is blessed. This corruptible shall put on incorruption and this mortal immortality.

 -In memory of Mehettabel Post Relict of Nathan Post Esq. who died May 31, 1832. Ae. 84 ys. & 17 ds.

-Monument W. Side. Robert F. Post 1806-1849.

Phebe C. wife of Robert F. Post 1806-1883.

E. Side. Lodowick Post 1777-1842.

 Elizabeth Sayre his wife 1775-1831.

Children of L. & E. Post.

Nathan 1804-1804.

Margaret 1807-1831.

Mary S. 1808-1834.

Lodowick 1811-1812.

Infant 1814-1814.

S. Side. Frederick W. son of R. F. & P. C. Post 1838-1838.

 N. Side. Mary C. Daughter of R. F. & P. C. Post 1845-1847.

SAYRE. Sophia Sayre died Nov. 24th, 1864. Ae. 55 yrs.

-Charlotte wife of Oliver Sayre died Aug. 14, 1815. Ae. 36.

--Oliver Sayre died Feb. 18, 1859. Ae. 77.

-In memory of James Sayre who died Oct. 8, 1806. Aged 29 years.


Page 335


-Polly Sayre died March 30, 1870. Ae. 90 yrs. 9 mo.

SEABURY. Maria E. wife of Ichabod S. Seabury Died March 2,  1872. Ae. 47 ys. & 7 mo.

-Maria Louise Daughter of I. S. & Maria E. Seabury Died April 1st, 1868. Ae. 16 yrs. 2 mo.

-Julia C. daughter of Ichabod S. & Maria E. Seabury died March 15, 1871. Ae. 22 ys.

TOPING. In memory of James son of Henry & Mary Toping who was drowned near Sag Harbor July 4th, 1797 in the 15th year of his age.

         No age nor sex can death defy

         Think mortal what it is to die.

TOPPING. Died July 30, 1850 Charles W. Topping. Ae. 66.

         Great peace have they which love thy law. Pslm. 119. 165.

-Died Sept. 20, 1849 Polly wife of Charles W. Topping. Ae. 54.

-Died Jan. 24, 1851. Henry Topping Ae. 73.

         The Lord is my shepherd. Pslm. 23. 1.

-Died April 18, 1857 Mehetable widow of Henry Topping. Ae. 81.

         Them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. I Thess 4-14.

-Our Father & Mother Stephen Topping Born Nov. 8, 1808. Died Jan. 30, 1899. 

Catherine Born July 31, 1814. Died Sept. 10, 1897.

-Augustus Topping Died at sea on board the Bark Stampead July 15, 1858. Ae. 25.

         The voyage of life's at an end

         The mortal afflictions is past,

         The age that in Heaven thou spend

         For ever and ever shall last.

-In memory of Mary Wife of Henry Topping who died Septr. 19, 1807 aged 50 years & 7 mo.

 -In memory of Henry Topping who died March 25, 1812. Ae. 62?

-Hervey Topping died May 25, 1821. Ae. 32 yrs. 7 mo.

-Sarah widow of Hervey Topping died May 8th 1864. Ae. 74 yrs.

-Josiah son of Charles W. & Polly Topping died Feb. 5, 1820. Ae. 1 yr. 4 mo.

-In memory of Charles M. Topping son of Joshua & Susannah Topping who died Sept. 26, 1805 aged 2 years & 5 mo.

Daniel Topping died April 15, 1787. Ae. 67.

WOOD. Stephen D. Wood 1813-1905. 

-Jane H. Wife of Stephen D. Wood Died March 3, 1900. Ae. 85 yrs. 1 mo. & 5ds.

-Mary Jane Daughter of Stephen D. & Jane H. Wood Died Dec. 11, 1874. Ae. 28 ys.

        Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord: yea saith the spirit that they may rest from their labours. — Rev. 14-13.


Page 336


YOUNGS. Charlotte J. daughr. of Capt David & Lucy A. Youngs died May 22, 1840 aged 2 ys. 22 ds.

         Sleep on sweet Babe and take thy rest

         God called thee home he thought it best.


-- Note --


PIERSON. See Howell.