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James Truslow Adams, Memorials of Old Bridgehampton (1916), pp. 336-353


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page 336


Hayground Cemetery


 BAKER. In memory of Agnes wife of Abraham Baker died Feb. 28, 1822. Aged 52 years.

 -In memory of Abraham Baker who died Sept. 30, 1827. Ae. 74.

 -Silas H son of Gardiner & Nancy Baker died Feb. 10, 1832. Ae. 7 ys.

 -In memory of Edward L. Baker who was accidentally killed on board the Ship Henry Lee on the N. West Coast May 11, 1844. Ae. 21 ys. 9 mo.

        When all was bright Death with his pall

        Met him upon the Ocean wave

        Far from his home, his friends, his all

        And laid him in his coral cave.

 -In memory of Nancy Relict of Gardiner Baker who died May 1, 1838. Ae. 42.

 -In memory of Gardiner Baker who died Dec. 20, 1831. Ae. 39.


CARWITHE. In memory of Sarah Carwithe who died Oct. 20th, A. D. 1760. Aged 72 years.


COOK. Thomas G. Cook Born Feb. 24, 1813. Died Oct. 10, 1855.

 -In memory of Catharine Wife of Thomas G. Cook who died Dec. 23, 1842. Aged 29 years.

        Affliction sore longtime I bore

        Physicians were in vain

        Till death did ease and God did please

       To free me from my pain.

 -Our darling Effie, Daughter of Albert G. & Frances H. Cook died Aug. 18, 1861. Ae. 3 yrs. 4 mo.

 Shaft W. Side, Albert G. Cook died Nov. 3, 1877. Ae. 71 ys. & 4 mo.

 S. Side. Frances H. widow of Albert G. Cook died Jan. 24, 1885. Ae. 65 ys. & 9 mo.

 N. Side. Theodore Baldwin son of Albert G. & Frances H. Cook who was drowned while bathing in the ocean Aug. 5, 1870. Ae. 22 yrs. 5 mo.

        He is not dead but sleepeth

 -Sarah widow of Alfred Cook died Feb. 12, 1877. Ae. 82 ys. & 6 mo.

           The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want.

                                             Psalms 23. 1.


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-Jeremiah Halsey Cook Born Feb. 9, 1785 Died in San Francisco, Cal. Sept. 14, 1850.

 Mary widow of J. H. Cook Died July 19, 1858. Ae. 71.

        Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

 -George Washington son of Halsey & Mary Cook died Nov. 12, 1823. Ae. 6 ys. & 6 mo.

        See here what cruel death hath done,

        Here sleeps in death an only son,

        Parents bleeding hearts now say,

        The Lord both gave and took away.

 -George Washington, son of Capt Jeremiah H. & Mary Cook died Nov. 24, 1831. Ae. 6 ys.

        Look here again as you pass by,

        Another George is called to die

        An only son from earth is taken

        God's will be done on earth & Heaven.

 -Elizabeth P. widow of Sullivan Cook died Oct. 8, 1881. Ae. 71 ys. & 10 mo.

 -In memory of David Cook who died June 1, 1834 aged 49.

 -William Son of Sullivan & Hannah Cook died Sept. 12, 1821. Aged 1 year & 5 mo.

-Stephen R. & Sullivan sons of Richard & Phebe Cook were born July 19, 1848 died, Stephen R. Ae. 3 days. Sullivan Ae. 1 yr.

 -Phebe Rose wife of Richard Cook died Aug. 3, 1888. Ae. 71 yrs.

        She hath been a succourer of many.

 -Richard Cook 1816-1907.

 -Sacred to the memory of Edward Son of Samuel & Elizabeth Cook who died Oct. 9, 1832. Ae. 28.

        Lamented one, fond eyes,

        Have wept for thee till all their founts were dry.

        And from fond lips hath burst the thrilling cry,

        And moans and choking sighs.

        Have swelled the anguished heart & that deep grief

        To which nor time nor change can bring relief,

        Untimely sacrificed!

        Friendship hath poured for thee the willing tear

        And strangers mourned thy doom, standing around thy bier

 -Charles Wesley Son of Halsey & Mary Cook died April 7, 1822. Ae. 5 weeks.

        The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away

        Blessed be the name of the Lord

 -In memory of Betsey daugh. of Samuel & Elizabeth Cook who died Aug. 15, 1817 in the 19th year of her age.

 -David Cook died Dec. 15, 1814. Ae. 94.

 -Sullivan Cook Born Aug. 8, 1787. Died July 28, 1868.


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-In memory of Polly wife of Sullivan Cook who died Aug 8, 1811. Aged 21 years 4 mo. & 17 days.

        Calm and resigned dear Polly lies,

        Tho' snatched away from dearest friends,

        We trust she dwells above the skies,

        Where troubles cease & sorrow ends.

        She left a partner long to mourn,

        The loss of one so dear and kind.

        Grant him O! Lord sufficient grace,

        Unto thy will to be resigned.

 -Hannah Wife of Sullivan Cook Born Oct. 23, 1781. Died April 27, 1853.

 -In memory of Richard Williams Son of Nathan T. and Mary Cook Who died Nov. 13th, 1822. Aged 26 years.

        See blooming Williams in the clay cold tomb

        His soul has gone to an eternal home

        There early called alas how soon

        His morn of life just merging into noon.

 -In memory of Phebe Daughter of Nathan T. & Mary Cook who died Aug. 4th, 1802 Aged 1 year & 10 days.

 -Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth wife of Samuel Cook who died Aug. 11, 1834. Ae. 68.

        As a wife and parent she was land affectionate & exemplar, She filled up life with usefulness & duty & died with a hope of a glorious immortality.

         Servant of God, well done,

         Thy glorious warfare's past

         The battle's fought the race is run

         And thou art crowned at last;

         Of all thy heart's desire

         Triumphantly possessed

         Laid by the ministerial

         In thy Redeemer's breast.

 -Sacred to the memory of Samuel Cook who died Aug. 15, 1833. Ae. 69.

        And oh! the pangs a dying friend imparts

        When the last pangs divide two social hearts

        But God will to the fatherless a Father be

       The Widow's God, the Widow's Judge is he.

 -Alanson Cook born Aug. 7, 1808 died Feb. 9, 1892. Ae. 83 ys. 6 mo. & 2 ds.

 -In memory of Mary relict of Nathan T. Cook who died Jan. 12, 1860 in her 86th year.

 -In memory of Nathan Topping Cook who departed this life Jan. 13, 1822. Aged 54 Years.

        Weep on he cannot hear thee weep

        The loved one sleeps the dreamless sleep

        His voice is hushed his heart is cold

        The heart that loved us is cold forever.


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 -In memory of Alfred Cook who departed this life Oct 6, 1819 in the 26 year of his age.

 -In memory of Hubbard son of Theo. & Phebe Cook who died July 3, 1813 in the 11 year of his age,

 -Alfred H. son of Alfred & Sarah Cook died March 19th, 1832. Ae. 13 ys. 1 mo.

        When you pass by remember me

        As you are now so once was I

        As I am now so you must be

        Prepare in time to follow me.

 -Here lyes ye body of Mrs. Sarah Cook wife to Mr. Obadiah Cook aged about 36 years, died May ye 19th, 1729.

 -Here Lyes Buried ye Body of Mr. Obadiah Cook Who Departed this Life August 1733. Aged 46 years.

 -Frances M. Halsey Wife of Alanson Cook born May 5, 1808 died Dec. 25, 1897.

 -Caroline wife of Alanson Cook daughter of Elisha & Hannah Halsey died Aug. 16, 1852. Ae. 48.

 -In memory of Jane Cook who died Feb. 9, 1845. Ae. 22.

         She crossed the chilling stream of death

        Without one anxious fear;

        Calmly resigned her fleeting breath,

        Faith bro't the Saviour near.

        He took her gently by the hand

        And lead her to the "Spirit Land." M. L. G.

 -Sally G. widow of David Cook died Oct. 18th, 1860. Ae. 76 ys.

        Mother thou art gone to rest

        Thy toils and cares are oer

        And sorrow pain and suffering 'now

        Shall ne'er distress thee more.

 -In memory of Theophilus Cook who died June 16, 1842. Aged 80 ys. 7 mo. & 19 ds.

 -Shaft W. Side. Jonathan R. Cook 1813-1903.

 Nancy J. Cook 1821-1880. At rest

 -N. Side. Annie J. Cook 1863-1890. Safe.

 -S. Side. Helen M. Pierson 1836-1904. At home.


CORWITH. Phebe daugh. of Caleb & Frances M. Corwith died Aug. 2, 1840. Ae. 39..

        Respected loved and mourned.

 -Monument W. Side. David Corwith 1806-1878.

 His wife Cordelia W. 1809-1881.

 E. Side. Children of David & Cordelia Corwith.

 Charles C. 1834-1838. Ann E. 1841-1844. James H. 1835-1905.

 -Monument On top. Caleb Corwith 1768-1835.

 His wife Fanny M. 1766-1846.

 W. Side. Their children.

 Nathan 1793-1847.  Sarah 1796-1872. Mary 1797-1798.

Samuel 1799-1808. Phebe 1801-1840. Emeline 1803-1813. Henry 1811-1813.

 E. Side. Edward Strong 1814-1872.

 His wife Frances C. 1809-1874.


Page 340


Their daughters.

Frances M. 1841-1870.

Annette B. 1837-1907.

 -And I will write upon him my new name. William H. Corwith died Dec. 8, 1856. Ae. 32. He that believeth in me though he were dead yet shall he live.

 -Sacred to the memory of Samuel Corwith who died May 21, 1831 aged 53 (?) years.

        His natural understanding was of a superfine order, his religious principles strictly evangelical - his Christian deportment highly exemplary. He faithfully sustained the relations of humanlife. Adorned his profession of Godliness and died in the hopeof a life of immortality.

 -Puah Corwith died July 11, 1859. Ae. 68.

 CORWITHE. Anna W. widow of William Corwithe died Feb. 7th,1865. Ae. 76 yrs.

        The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want

 -William Corwithe died Aug. 10, 1862. Ae. 79 yrs. 6 mos.

        For I know that my Redeemer liveth.

 -In memory of Mrs. Harriet wife of John Corwithe died July 10, 1837. Ae. 33.

        T'is God who lifts our comforts high

        Or sinks them in the grave

        He gives (and blessed be his name)

        He takes but what he gave.

 -Clarissa H. Daughter of John & Harriet Corwithe died Aug. 20, 1836. Ae. 6 months.

 -In memory of Mary Relict of Caleb Corwithe who died April 3, 1843. Ae. 88.

         As a Christian she endeavored to be found faithful. For many years, she was much devoted to tha perusal of the scriptures. As a parent her children will arise and call her blessed. From the exercise of prayer and praise with Christian brethren, she suddenly left the world for a mansion in her Father's house.

 -Mrs. Elizabeth wife of Silas Corwithe died Nov. 12, 1846. Ae. 58.

        Farewell dear friends, Tiff going home

        My Savior smiles & bids me come

        Sweet angels beckon me away

        To sing God's praise in endless day.

 -In memory of John Corwithe who died Jan. 1, 1829. Ae. 77.

        Life and the grave two different lessons give

        Life teaches how to die, Death how to live.

 -In memory of Mrs. Ruth Corwithe wife of Mr. John Corwithe who died Jan'y 8th, 1812 in the 62d Year of her age.

        Weep not for me my children dear,

        I am not dead but sleeping here,

       My time is gone, my grave you see,

       Prepare in time to follow me.

 -Silas W. son of John & Harriet Corwithe died March 8, 1821. Ae. 3 yrs & 6 ds.


Page 341


-In memory of Caleb Corwithe who died Jan. 21, 1813. Ae. 61.

 -Silas Corwithe died Dec. 16, 1858. Ae. 74.

      Therefore being justified by faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Romans I. 1.

 -In memory of John Corwithe who died Nov. 28, 1846. Ae. 48 vrs. 3 mo.

 COSTELLO. Shaft S. Side. Laura E. daughter of Edward & Isabella Costello died March 9, 1879. Ae. 2 weeks.

 W. Side. John Porter died April 9, 1875. Ae. 60 ys.

 DOXEY. Charles J. Doxey 1824-1898. Rest in peace.

 -Charlotte C. wife of Charles J. Doxey died March 1, 1872. Ae. 39 ys. & 9 mo.

        Asleep in Jesus - Blessed sleep.

 -Charlotte A. Doxey died Feb. 12th, 1864. Ae. f29 yra.

        Rest in peace.

 FORDHAM. In memory of Mary wife of William Fordham who died April 6th, 1841. Aged 32 years.

 -In memory of Hannah wife of John Fordham died April 25, 1849. A e . 66.

        Farewell and shall we meet, In Heaven above,

       And there in union sweet, Sing of a Saviour's love.

 -In memory of John Fordham died Dec. 4, 1855. Ae. 77.

        Calm and serene he yields his mortal breath,

        In hopes of bliss he triumphs over death.

 -Died Aug. 21, 1851. Andrew P. Fordham. Ae. 46.

 -Died Aug. 31, 1851. Mary E. widow of Andrew P. Fordham. Ae. 43.

 GOODALE. Shaft W. Side. Captain Charles A. Goodale died Sept. 10, 1878. Ae. 64 ys. & 7 mo.

    Emily wife of Capt. Charles A. Goodale died Feb. 26, 1846. Ae. 30 ys.

    Eliza J. wife of Capt. Chas. A. Goodale born Oct. 5, 1828 died Feb. 22, 1897.

    S. Side. Children of Capt. Charles A. & Emily Goodale.

    Emily died Sept. 20, 1846. Ae. 7 mo.

    Charles E. died July 17, 1862. Ae. 18 yrs.

    Children of Capt. Charles A. & Eliza J. Goodale.

    Augustus E. died Sept. 16, 1864. Ae. 11 mo.

    James M. died Aug. 29, 1864. Ae. 16 yrs.


 HAINES. In memory of Dean James Hains who died Decr. 24 

HAYNES. A. D. 1779. Aged 77 years & 5 days.

   -Here lies the Body of Mrs. Martha wife of Dean. James Hains who died Novr. 29th, 1787 in the 82 year of her age.

   -Mehetable Wife of David Hains who departed this life June 11, 1817 in the 67 year of her age.

   -David Hains departed this life Dec. 19, 1798. Aged 50 years.

    -Here lies Buried the Body of Mr. James Hains who Decd. Septbr. ye 6th, 1732 in ye 60th Year of his Age.

   -Here Lyes ye Body of Sarah Hains wife to James Hains who departed this life Decr, ye 21st, 1721 in the 54th year of her age.


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-Here lyes ye Body of Mary Daur. of James & Martha Hains Died April ye 7th, 1755 in ye 19th year of her age.

 -Charry daughr. of CoL David & Sarah Haynes Died Nov. 23, 1828. Ae. 20 ys. 9 mo.

         From the sweet circle of domestic love

        The fairest one was soonest called above

        Thus life's gay visions cruel death destroys

        And thus must perish all terrestrial joys.

 -Sarah wife of Col. David Haynes died Nov. 30, 1834. Ae. 58.

        Thus by recurrence of time

        Her birth wedding and dying day were one.

        As a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend,

        As a Christian each grace did most beautifully blend.

        In silent submission she kissed the rod

        Nor repined at the will of her covenant God.

        By faith she descried the sweet mansion rest

        The above of the Christian the home of the blest.

        The hour of release was the end of her pain

        And death to the soul of our Sister was gain.

 -In memory of Stephen son of James & Mary Hains who died Janry. 19th, 1773 in the 9th year of his age.

 -In memory of Job son of James & Mary Hains who died Oct. 6th, 1776 in the 15th Year of his age.

 -Martin L. & John C. sons of J. & M. Haines died Oct. 3, 1827. Ae. 5 months.

 -Jeremiah Haynes 1828-1849. Buried in California.

         To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.

 -Clarissa J. Haines 1811-1908.

        I shall be satisfied when I awake in His likeness.

 Children of Jeremiah & Mehetabel Haines.

 -Shaft S. Side. Dea Jeremiah Haines died Aug. 29, 1871. Aged 88 years.

        Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.

 Mehetabel wife of Dea. Jeremiah Haines died Aug. 26, 1863. Aged 78 years.

        Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.

 E. Side. Lizzie R. daughter of Wm. C. & Frances M. Haines died August 11, 1872. Aged 14 years.

        Even so Father, for so it seemed good in thy sight.

 W. Side. Capt. William C. Haines died Oct. 23 1886. Aged 69 years.

        And they shall see his face and his name shall be in their foreheads.

 -In memory of Maria Louisa daughr. of Mehetabel Haynes who died 28 Aug. 1814. Ae. 4 mo. & 14 ds.

 -Mary daughter of J. & M. Haynes died Oct 9, 1815. Ae 4 months.

 HALSEY. In memory of Jane Relict of Silas Halsey who diedOct. 9, 1836. Ae. 80.


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-In memory of Charles C. only son of Thomas B. & Ellen A. Halsey died at sea Nov. 5th, 1864. Ae. 21 yrs.

        And the sea shall give up the dead that are in it.

 -Thomas B. Halsey died April 24, 1860. Ae. 47.

         I will that they also whom thou hast given me be with me where I am.

 -Ellen A. widow of Thomas B. Halsey died April 30, 1869. Ae.52 yrs.

        Watch therefore far ye, kpow not what hour your Lord doth come.

 -Elisha Halsey died Oct. 20, 1858. Ae. 82.

 -Hannah Widow of Elisha Halsey died Aug. 4, 1870. Ae. 92 ys. & 9 mo.

 -In memory of Hezekiah Halsey who died Aug. 8, 1847. Ac 68.

 -Sarah widow of Hezekiah Halsey died May 20, 1858. Ae. 75.

 -In memory of Polly Daughter of Timothy and Mary Halsey who died Sept. 20th, 1796 in the 6 Year of her age.

 -In memory of Matsey wife of Alva Halsey who died Feb. 9, 1823 in her 26 year.

        Long pause - nor weep beside this tomb

        And O! Affection stay thy tear

        For all is calm beneath this sod

        Nor pains nor sorrows enter here.

 -In memory of Jane Wife of Ethan Halsey who died June 18, 1824 in her 64 year.

        Weep not my friends and children dear

        I am not dead but only sleeping here.

 -In memory 1 of Ethan Halsey Who departed this life April 18, 1827 in the seventy-third year of his age.

        This spot contains the ashes of the just

        Who sought no honors and betrayM no trust

        This truth he prov'd in every path he trod

        An honest man's the noblest work of God.

 -Mary widow of David Halsey Born Sept 6, 1792 Died Jan. 19, 1853.

 -David Halsey born Oct. 17* 1790 died Nov. 8, 1843.

  -James B. son of David & Mary Halsey born Nov. 28th, 1817 died Jan. 20th, 1864.

 -In memory of Luther Halsey who died May 29, 1849. Aged 54 years.

 -T. Josephus Halsey died Aug. 31, 1855. Ae. 31.

 -Hannah relict of Ethan Halsey died Feb. 22, 1853. Aged 72.

 -In memory of Ethan Halsey who died March 18, 1845. Aged 66.

 -In memory of James Halsey Born Oct 17, 1792. Died Jan. 7, 1848 aged 56 yrs. 2 mos. & 21 days.

 -In memory of Fannie Widow of James Halsey Born May 9, 1795. Died July 24th, 1882. Ae. 87 ys. 2 mo. & 15 ds.

 -Sarah Jane daughter of Jasper & Hannah Halsey died May 23, 1849. Ae. 29 yrs. 11 mo. & 14 ds.


Page 344



-In memory of Jasper Halsey died July 28, 1853. Ae. 65.

 -Hannah widow of Jasper Halsey died Jan. 22, 1881. Ae. 87 ys.

 -Harriet A. Halsey died May 24, 1875. Ae. 53 ys. 9 mo.

 -Herman R. Halsey died Jan. 16, 1893. Ae. 77 ys. 3 mo. & 26 ds.

         Whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die.  John 11. 26.

 -Capt. Sylvanus Halsey died Mar. 27, 1854. Ae. 95.

 -Mary Wife of Capt Sylvanus Halsey died Mar. 22, 1850. Ae. 67.

 -Phebe wife of Capt. Silvanus Halsey died Nov. 26, 1831. Ae. 71.

 -Phebe daughter of Silvanus & Phebe Halsey died Aug 7, 1822. Ae. 34 ys. 3 mo.

 -Catherine Daughter of Sylvanus & Phebe Halsey died Feb. 7, 1875. Ae. 83 yrs. & 3 mo.

 -Henry H. Halsey Departed this life July 27, 1834. Ae. 25.

 -Ruth widow of Elihu Halsey died April 19, 1859. Ae. 73.

        Dear children who live to mourn and weep

        Behold the grave wherein I sleep

        Prepare for death, know you must die

        And be entombd, as well as I.

 -Elihu Halsey died Oct 14, 1830. Ae. 48 yrs. 1 mo. 16 d.

 -Angeline daughter of Elihu & Ruth Halsey died March 13, 1829. Ae. 7 mo. 10 ds.

 -Shaft N. Side, Jane daughter of Eathen & Hannah Halsey died Sept 10, 1879. Ae. 65 ys.

 W. Side. Thomas Halsey born May 30, 1812 died 1899 Jan. 1st.

 S. Side. Melissa wife of Thomas Halsey died Jan. 6, 1875. Ae. 70 ys.

 -David R. Halsey Born July 21, 1858. Died Nov. 3, 1880. Ae. 22 ys. 3 mo. & 12 ds.

        Faithful, Loving, Conscientious - An earnest Student and a firm believer in Jesus Christ

        Father I will that they also whom thou hast given me be with me where I am. John XVII. 24

        He that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. John XI. 25.

 -Mary M. Miller wife of Herman R. Halsey and daughter of David H. Miller Born Oct. 17, 1818. Died March 24, 1877. Ae. 58 ys. 5 mo. & 7 ds.

        In my Father's house are many mansions. I go to prepare a place for you. John XIV. 2.

 -(Step) hen Rose son of Herman R. & Hetty R. Halsey Born April 9, 1849. Died Oct. 11, 1860. Verse illegible.

 -Hetty Rose wife of Herman R. Halsey and daughter of Dea. Stephen Rose Born Aug. 24, 1815 Died May 24, 1851.

 -Mary, daughr. of Rogers & Elizabeth Halsey died July 23, 1812. Ae. 1 yr. & 23 ds.

 -Elizabeth widow of Rogers Halsey and daughter of David Howell Born Oct 11, 1777. Died May 29, 1861. Ae. 83.

        I know that my Redeemer liveth.


Page 345


-Rogers Halsey Born Sept. 7, 1776. Died Oct. 16, 1854.

        I am the resurrection and the life.

 -Harrie son of Henry R. & A. A. Halsey died Jan. 24, 1878. Ae. 2 ds.

 -In memory of James Lawrence son of Elihu & Ruth Halsey who died Aug. 1, 1841 aged 20 yrs. 7 mo.

        Here lies my son in death's cold sleep

        Which causes many a tear of grief

        Submit my heart say peace be still

       T'is but my Heavenly Father's will

 HAND. Mehettable Wife of Bartlett Hand departed this life Jan. 26, 1821 in her 26 year.

 -Mary Wife of Elias Hand Died May 10, 1833. Ae. 66.

        Here sleeps a woman of a blameless life

        The tender Mother and the faithful Wife.

 -Elias Hand Died Sept. 16, 1842. Ae. 72.

 -Andrew P. son of Hervey & Bethiah Hand died Aug. 25, 1833. Ae. 1 yr. 3 ds.

 -Bethia wife of Hervey Hand Died April 13, 1836. Ae. 39.

 -Marcus Hand died April 2, 1857. Ae. 23.

 -Sarah Hand died May 28, 1856. Ae. 25.

         Calm and resigned dear Sarah lies,

         Early taken from dearest friends

         We trust she dwells above the skies

         Where troubles cease and sorrow ends.

 -Abigail widow of Hervey Hand died Aug. 28, 1864. Ae. 71.

 -Hervey Hand died June 18, 1854 Ae. 53.

 HEDGES. The graves of James M. Hedges who died July 27, 1848. Ae. 20 ys. 10 mo. &

 Edwin B. Hedges who died July 2, 1848. Ae. 15 yrs. 8 mo. sons of Lyman G. & Ruth Hedges.

        Our record is in Heaven

 -In memory of Jorusha wife of Lyman G. Hedges who died Jan. 17, 1824. Ae. 25 ys. & 9 mo.

         Love pause nor weep beside this tomb

        And oh! Affection stay thy tear

        For all is calm beneath this sod

        Nor pains nor sorrows enter here.

 HOWELL. In memory of Theophilus Howell who died November 1st, 1764 in the 68th Year of his Age.

 -In memory of Doctr. Theophilus Howell who departed this life Aug. 21st A. D. 1775 in the 38th Year of his Age.

 JAGGER. In memory of Jonathan Jagger who died March ye 2d A. D. 1761. Aged 83 Years.

 JASON. Henry Jason Died Sept 23, 1889. Ae. 68 Yrs.

        Gone but not forgotten.

 -Louisa wife of Henry Jason died Oct. 12, 1855. Ae. 28 ys. 6 mo.

        Thy memory we cherish.


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JESSUP. In memory of Mary C. widow of John S. Jessup formerwife of Edward Rose who died Nov. 29, 1891. Ae. 80 ys. & 6 ma

 KING. In memory of Mary Rogers King Died September 23, 1891.

Daughter of David. & Mary Halsey Wife of William King.

 -James H.son of William & Mary R. King died January 22nd, 1853 aged 1 year & 8 months.

        James, our only boy

 LANGDON. Sarah M. Widow of William J. Langdon Jan. 11, 1815. Oct. 24, 1887.

        Because I live, ye shall live also

 LEA. Catherine R. wife of the Rev. Thomas D. Lea died July 16th, 1845. Aged 30 years.

        Christ the first fruits; afterward they that are Christ's, at his coming.

 LEEK. Eliza M. wife of Samuel C. Leek died Jan. 22, 1847 aged 31 years & 10 mos. Verse illegible.

 -Margaret wife of John C. Leek died Nov. 11, 1848. Ae. 39.

 -Josephine daughter of John C. & Margaret Leek died March 26, 1836. Ae. 18 mos. 17 ds.

         Go to thy rest my child

         Go to thv dreamless bed

        Gentle and undented

        With blessings on thy head.

 LOPER. Ruth Corwith Loper born Sept 1795 died Sept. 12, 1877.

        Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.

 LUDLOW. William H. Ludlow 1848-1910.

        i am the resurrection and the life.

 -Harriette Conger Daughter of Sarah & Gabriel Halsey and widow of Jesse H. Ludlow born Oct. 2, 1812 died April 23, 1890.

         Whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die.

 -Jesse H. Ludlow born Aug. 18, 1805 died Jan. 9, 1878.

        I give unto them eternal life.

 -Walter Ludlow died July 10, 1873. Ae. 22 ys. 10 mo.

        Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

 -Annie W. Ludlow 1856-1908. Rest in peace.

 -Walter Ludlow 1880-1901.

 -Clara Ludlow 1882-1894.

MALCOLM. The grave of Nancy widow of Hugh Malcolm died Nov. 27, 1817. Ae. 48.

PAINE. In memory of the Rev. Mr. Elisha Paine V.D.M. who Died Aug. 26 A. D. 1775. Ae. 83. Was born upon Cape Cod and from thence with his Hon. Father Mr. Elisha Paine removed to Canterbury in Connecticut where he practiced the Law as an Attor. with Great approbation and Fidelity until A. D. 1742. From thence became preacher of ye Gospel and was Ordained ye first Minister over ye Congregational Church of Christ in this place May 11th A. D. 1752. Henceforth he rests from his labours.

PARKER. Nancy wife of Rodney Parker died Sept. 10, 1868 Ae. 70 yrs. 7 mos.


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-Rodney Parker died at Oden, Illinois Oct. 23, 1871. Ae. 79 yrs. 3 mos.

         Our little Caddy.

-In memory of Samuel son of Rodney & Nancy Parker Who died Sept. 9, 1845. Ae. 23.

         Farewell /dear friends my memory keep

         While in death's arms my body sleep

         Short was my stay with you below

         Sooner or later all must go.

ROGERS. Susannah Wife of William Rogers Died Sept. 16, 1844. Ae. 66.

-In memory of Mrs. Mary Rogers wife of Capt William Rogers who died April 28, 1808 in the 63 year of her age.

-Sacred to the memory of Capt. William Rogers who departed this life the 11th day of November A. D. 1813 in the 70th year of his age.

        Man dies to live and lives to die no more.

-In memory of Hezekiah son of Capt. William & Mrs. Mary Rogers who died Novr. 18th, 1770 in the 6th Year of his Age.

 -In memory of Mary wife of John Rogers who died 1844. Ae. 72.

-In memory oi' Mr. John Rogers who died May 26th, 1798 in the 68th Year of his age.

 -In memory of Mrs. Mary Rogers Wife of Mr. Caleb Rogers who died decr. 25th, 1789 in the 26th Year of her age.

-C. R. 1772.

 -Charles Rogers Died Oct. 24, 1891. Ae. 74 ys. & 10 mo.

-William Rogers Died Jan. 8, 1860. Ae. 77.

-William H. Rogers 1843-1912.

-Captain Jones Rogers Died July 16th, 1886. Ae. 84 yrs.

        Sanctified in Christ Jesus. I. Cor. 12.

-Hannah Wife of Capt. Jones Rogers Died May 26th, 1878. Ae. 72 yrs.

-Richard O. Rogers died Aug. 8, 1870. Ae. 62 ys. & 10 mo.

-Elizabeth P. widow of Richard O. Rogers died April 12, 1888. Ae. 82 ys. & 11 mo.

-Here lies Buried ye Body of Jonathan only Son of William Rogers who Deed. Octbr. ye 7, 1732. Aged 7 years.

-Sacred to the memory of Frances Eliza wife of Jeremiah

-Rogers died Aug. 12, 1832. Aged 22 years 6 months and 27 days.

         She's gone, alas, the much lov'd one has fled

         Just in her bloom, she's numbered with the dead

         Yet Memory's floweret oer her turf shall bloom

          Till she arise triumphant from the tomb.

-Jeremiah Rogers died June 5, 1859. Ae. 62.

-Sacred to the memory of John T. Rogers who died Oct. 9, 1816. Aged 57 years.

 Sacred to the memory of Sarah widow of the late John T. Rogers who departed this life the 24th day of May, 1825. Aged 66 years 3 months and 28 days.


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-Bethiah Wife of Caleb' Rogers Died Oct. 8, 1824 in her 29 year.

            Then weep not, fond afflicted friends

            Death is the Angel Jesus sends

            To bear the Sainted soul on high

           Beyond the reach of human eye. 

-Jonathan Son of Caleb & Bethiah Rogers Died April 15, 1834 in his 11 year. Verse illegible.

 -Cordelia daughr. of Caleb & Cordelia Rogers born Dec. 9, 1831 died Feb. 19, r 1832.

-Charles A. son of Caleb & Cordelia Rogers died Dec. 11, 1834 Ae. 7 yrs. Verse illegible.

 -In memory of Caleb Rogers born March 7, 1796 died Feb. 3d 1842.

-Cordelia H. widow of Caleb Rogers died' May 22, 1871. Ae. 75 yrs.

-Temperance E. daughter of Caleb & Cordelia H. Rogers died Dec. 3d 1853. Ae. 18 yrs. 10 mos.

        Young and lovely.

-James H. Rogers died Sept. 16th, 1864. Ae. 34 yrs. 6 mos.

        And we all do fade as a leaf.

-Mary M. Daughter of Caleb & Cordelia H. Rogers died Nov 13, 1898. Ae. 63 ys. 2 mo. & 4 ds.

 -In memory of Jonathan Rogers Esq. who died Jan. 26 1819. Aged 73 years.

-In memory of Mary Wife of Jonathan Rogers Esq. who died Nov. 30, 1815 aged 73 years.

-In memory of Katherine Rogers Daughter of Jonathan & Mary Rogers who died Nov. 25, 1810 aged 26 years.

-In memory of Abigail wife of Benjamin Rogers died Mar. 30, 1822. Aged 54 years.

-Benjamin Rogers born Nov. 29, 1769 died April 2, 1842.

         Hark from the tombs a doleful sound.

         My ears attend the cry,

         Ye living men come view the ground

         Where you must shortly lie.

         Princes, this day must be your bed

         In spite of all your towers,

         The tall, the wise, the reverent head

         Shall lie as low as ours.

-Henry Rogers Born Oct. 5, 1792. Died March 1, 1856. Ae. 65.

-Mother - Mary wife of B. F. Rogers died Oct. 5, 1873. Ae. 64 yrs. Verse illegible.

-Father - Benjamin F. Rogers died April 5, 1891. Ae. 89 ys. 10 mo. & 10 ds.

-Phebe Rose daughter ofl Benjamin F. & Mary Rogers died July 11, 1893. Ae. 48 ys. 11 mo. & 25 ds.

         In my Father's house are many mansions. John 14. 2.

-Melanie daughter of Benjamin F. & Mary Rogers died April 27, 1904. Ae. 66 ys. 10 mo. & 3 ds.

         I go to prepare a place for you. John 14. 2.


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-Edwin. M. Rogers Aug. 28, 1839. Feb. 9, 1912.

-Richard son of Edwin M. & Phebe E. Rogers born Oct. 30th, 1875. Died Sept. 23rd, 1881.

         Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not.

ROSE. The Grave of Frances Mary daughr. of Rufus & Phebe Rose who died Feb. 11, 1803. Ae. 2 ys. 11 mo. 18 ds.

         I saw a little tender bud put forth.

         T'was lovely, fair and fragrant in its kind.

         "At early dawn I watch'd to see it bloom.

          The sun arose, the bud began to ope.

         It saw the morn, blushed, then droop'd and died.

-In memory of Abraham Rose who died April 10, 1791 in the 65th Year of his age.

          Why should faith fear this parting pain

          We die that we with Christ may reign.

        Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

-Ruth Haines wife of Abraham Rose died January, 1793.

-In memory of Adeline Cecilia wife of David P. Rose who died Oct. 5, 1845. Aged 34 years.

-Rufus Rose born March 19th, 1775 died June 9th, 1835.

-Col. Edwin Rose 1807-1864 U. S. Military Academy Officer U. S. Army. State Legislator.

-Sarah E. Isham widow of Edwin Rose, Born at New London, Conn., Aug. 25, 1812 died at Sag Harbor, N. Y. Dec. 6,

-Phebe S. Rose wife of Rufus Rose Born October. 26, 1789. Died March 29, 1842.

-Mary Frances June 14, 1804-Feb. 19, 1864.

Emma Feb 11, 1802- April 2, 1865.

Thomas Sandford July 24, 1809-Aug. 26, 1867.


-Eliza Isham Rose. Born 1834. Died 1906.

-Rufus Rose. Dec. 22, 1840. Jan. 21, 1914.

-Abraham, son of Maltby and Phebe Rose, died Sept. 12, 1820. Aged 5 years, 2 months and 12 days.

-Elizabeth Gelston, daughter of Maltby and Phebe Rose, died Sept. 19, 1820, aged 2 years, 2 mos. and 19 days.

-In memory of Mary, wife of Gen. Abraham Rose, who died Sept. 3, 1830, in the 61 year of her age.

-In memory of Gen. Abraham Rose, who died Aug. 22, 1843, in the 78 year of his age.

-Phebe, wife of Maltby G. Rose, died Sept. 11, 1861. Age 74 years.

-Maltby G. Rose, died Nov. 19, 1863. Ae. 73 years.

-Or ever the silver cord be loosed — Mary R. Halsey, wife of Elbert Rose, Died Jan. 10, 1864. Ae. 39 years.

-Elbert Rose, died June 29, 1888. Ae. 63 years, 10 mos. and 17 ds.

-Died Mary C, daughter of Edward and Mary C. Rose. Aug. 26, 1849. Ae. 4 mo. 18 ds.

Also, Aug. 20, 1852, Edward W. Ae. 6 mo.


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-Edward Rose, died Nov. 24, 1852. Ac. 53 ys. 9 mo.

        Here within this grave now sleeps

        The husband, Father, friend;

        Here the lips of truth are sealed

        And mercy's journey's end.

-In memory of Mrs. Freelove H., wife of Edward Rose, died Oct. 24, 1846. Age 48.

          I leave the world, without a tear,

         Save for the friends I hold so dear;

         I die in Jesus and am blest,

         How kind these slumber, sweet their rest

-Mary A., daughter of Edward & Freelove Rose, died Sept. 11, 1827. Ae. 5 mo.

-Caroline M., daughter of Edward & Freelove Rose, died Jan. 24, 1869. Ae. 40 yrs.

 ROUKE. Nellie M. f daughr. of John and Margaret Rouke. Ae. 2 vs. and 7 mos.

SQUIRES. Ellis Squires, died Nov. 17, 1853. Ae. 75 ys., 11 mos.

 -Sarah Brown, wife of Sylvanus Squires Jun. died May 18, 1861. Ae. 71 yrs. 10mos.

-Sylvanus Squires, died May 2, 1872. Ae. 64.

         Our husband and father lies neath this cold sod,

         His body is resting, his soul is with God;

         We hope we may meet him when trials are o'er,

         And happy in Heaven be parted no more.

-Fanny E. Widow of Sylvanus Squires, died Aug. 13, 1880. Ae. 53 ys. 4 mo. and 11 ds.

-Albert E., son of Albert E. and Sarah C. Squires, died May 23, 1871. Ae. 22 yrs. 3 mos.

         Dearest father weep not for me

         Brother, sisters, friends, adieu,

         Death's cold dulling 'flood I've passed

        And in Heaven wait for you.

– S. Annette, daughter of Albert E. and Sarah A. Squires, died Aug. 5, 1861. Ae. 15 ys. 9 ma

         A light is from our household gone,

         A voice we loved is still

         A place is vacant at our hearth

         Which time can never fill

-In memory of Sarah A., wife of Albert Squires, who died Nov. 23, 1845. Ae. 24. 

         Let weeping virtue mourn around thy tomb,

         And pious friendship wail thine early doom;

         Yet worth like thine sustains no rude decay,

         Tho' time should sweep these sculptured lines away.

-Sarah C, wife of Albert E. Squires, died Oct. 24, 1862. Ac 36 ys. 9 mos.


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-Albert E. Squires 1810-1907.

         A, light is from the household gone,

         A voice we loved is still;

          A place is vacant at our hearth,

          Which time can never fill.

- C. Everett, son of Albert E. and Sarah C. Squires, died Nov. 29th, 1874. Ae. 21 yrs. and 6 mo.

STRONGS Shaft N. Side. He scarries the lambs in his bosom.

-Albert J., son of James H. and Mary L. Strong. Died Feb. 18, 1882. Ae. 1 yr. & 4 mo.

E. Side. Albert G. Jennings. Died May 9, 1889. Ae. 61 vs. & 3 mo.

S. Side. Asleep- in Jesus. Abbie H. daughter of Albert G. & Emma Jennings. Died Feb. 9, 1882. Ae. 19ys. & 6 mo,

        Bertie our only boy died Jan. 5, 1869.

         Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.

W. Side. Mary L. wife of \ James H. Strong 1858-1901.

-William R. Strong born May 5, 1832 died Jan. 10, 1895.

        There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God.

SWEENY. Shaft W. Side. Sweeny gone but not forgotten.

Captain Doyle Sweeny died March 14, 1887. Ae. 72 ys. & 4 ds.

-Matsey Cook widow of Capt. Doyle Sweeny died April 3, 1887. Ae. 69 ys. 4 mo. & 10 ds.

N. Side. Henry G. Sweeny died March 25, 1861. Ae. 17 ys. 1 mo. & 14 ds.

-Phebe Jane daughter of John & Phebe H. Sweeny died Feb.,1, 1850. Ae. 1 yr. 6 mo.

         Ere sin could blight or sorrow fade

         Death came with friendly care

         The opening bud to heaven conveyed

         And bade it blossom there.

-Phebe H. Wife of Capt. John Sweeny died May 11, 1854. Ae. 42.

 -Capt. John Sweeny died Feb. 23, 1857. Ae. 47.

 -Henry G. son of Capt. Doyle and Matsey C. Sweeny died March 25th, 186L Ae 17 ys.

-John D. son of Capt. John & Phebe H. Sweeny died March 12th, 1864. Ae. 20 yrs. 9 mos.

         Affliction sore long time he bore

         Physicians were in vain

         Till death gave ease and God did please

        To .........................................pain.

TALMADGE. Ezra Talmadge died Feb. 15, 1888. Ae. 82 ys. 7 mo.n & 10 ds.

          God touched him with his hand and he slept.

 -Nancy his wife died May 5, 1840. Ae. 41 ys. 2 mo. & 12 ds.

          The righteous shall see God.


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 TOPPIN. Here lies ye Body of Mrs. Hannah Toppin who died Augt. ye 2d, in ye 73 Year of her Age.

TOPPING. Anna E. daughter of Charles C. & Emma P. Topping died June 23d, 1876. Ae. 28 vs. Asleep in Jesus.

-Emma P. wife of Charles C. Topping died Sept 7, 1881. Ae. 66 ys. & 6 mo.

         Even so, them also which sleep in Jesus, will God bring with him.

-Charles C. Topping died Sept. 20, 1891. Ae. 77 vs. & 3 Mo,

         At rest.

-Mrs. Puah wife of Jesse Topping Died Jan. 30, 1817. Aged 41. Erected by George S. Topping.

-Jesse Halsey son of George S. & Mary L. Topping died Aug. 12, 1836. Ae. 11 mo.

          I take these little lambs, said he.

         And lay them in my breast,

         Protection they shall find in me,

          In me be ever blest.

-In memory of Hepzibah wife of Ethan Topping who died Oct. 14, 1825. Ae. 70.

-In memory of Ethan Topping who died April 6, 182*>. Ae. 78.

-Here lies ye Body of Capt Josiah Topping who died Jany. 11th, 1725-6, in ye 64 Year of his Age.

-In memory of John Topping who died May 9th, 1747 in ye 42nd Year if his Age.

-In memory of Nathan Topping who died Aug. 30th, 1753 in ye 17th Year of his Age.

-James Halsey, son of George S. & Mary L. Topping, died Jot, 25, 1853. Ae. 16 ys. 4 mo. & 15 ds.

         An angel wandering from the skies

         Beheld a jewel rare,

         And in the tyrant death disguis'd.

         Conveys the jewel there

         And placed it in the Saviour's breast

         To be the Prince of Glory's guest

-Parnissa L. Topping died Dec. 15, 1905. Ae 64 ys. 2 mo. & 24 ds.

         She hath done what she could.

-Emma P. infant daughter of Chas. C. & Emma P. Topping died Nov. 15, 1846.

         Suffer little children to come unto me.

-Henrie D. son of Chas. C. & Emma P. Topping died Sept. 13, 1852. Ae. 17 ds.

         For of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.

-In memory of Martha relict of Job Topping who died Jan. 15, 1842, aged 78 years.

         Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord.

-In memory of Job Topping who died June 8, 1834, aged 74 years.

         Blessed are they who keep his commandments.


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WHITE. Wm. W. White born Sept 14, 1829 died April 29, 1853. Ae. 23.

-Thomas O., son of Josiah H. & Julia White. Born April 5th, 1834, and died January 29th, 1840.

--Julia O., widow of Josiah White, died March 12, 1873. Ae. 73 yrs.

-Josiah H. White died May 5th, 1864. Ae. 63 yrs.

 -In memory of Clarissa, wife of Deacon Silas White, who died March 23rd, 1836, in the 56th year of her age.

        She was a devoted servant of Jesus Christ — patient under affliction and earnestly desired the      salvation of Man.

-In memory of Deacon Silas White who died Nov. 3rd A. D„ 1827 in the 51st year of his age. He was a benefactor of man, faithful in his house, consistent in the discharge of duty, an ornament of his profession and one who feared God.

WILLIAMS. In memory of Abigail the wife of Daniel Williams who was drowned with her husband March 25th, 1764, in ye 26th year of her age.

-In memory of Daniel Williams of Seabrook who was drowned with his wife March 25th, 1764, in ye 28th year of his age.


         Strong, sec Corwith,

         Porter, see Costello,

         Pierson, see Cook,

        Jennings, see Strong.