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Town of Southampton Date of Death Records

Since 1881, the Town of Southampton has maintained records of the date of death of those who died in the Town. Not everyone who died in the Town is buried there. These records about a deceased individual include:

Full name         Date of Death      Sex           Age          

Date of Birth      Place of Birth          Marital Status         Spouse's Name

Occupation        Father's Name        Mother's Name      Armed Forces                

Hospital            Place of Death        Cemetery

However, based upon guidance from the New York State Department of Health, the Town may only release a limited amount of this data to the public through the website.

At this time, the Town will only web post the data that is shown above in bold.

The Date of Death Records were originally hand-written, but these are in the process of being digitized. The records that are currently available on this site are those recorded from 1957-1962.